Blackbird in garden pot

A garden year, 2016

Last week Annie posted a roundup of her hdygg photos. I thought it was a nice way of looking back over the year and as I haven’t had time to get out in the garden lately, I thought I’d do the same.


January was all about hyacinths! I bought several half price and made a temporary kitchen garden until it was warm enough to garden outside again.

Closeup of hyacinth buds


The first daffodils in February; they seemed to arrive early.

Daffodil heads
Narcissi daffodils


The Christmas rose that never flowers at Christmas.

Duksy pink Christmas rose
Christmas rose


April bought us just about every type of weather — and colourful flowers!

Pink stocks
Pink stocks


In May this blackbird started visiting out garden. It was easy to tell it was him because he had a mark on his face. Gradually, he became tame around us, standing near me as I potted plants and cleared weeds. We could always tell when he’d been because there would be soil all over the patio.

Blackbird standing on soil


June was the month of the peony! After a two year wait it finally bloomed.

Peony stamen


Echinacea was my favourite garden plant in July. This photo was a bit of a fluke because I was photographing the cone when a Red Admiral landed.

Butterfly on echinacea flower
Bee near foxglove

I picked two for this month because bees in foxgloves gave me many hours of slo-mo happiness!


August bought unexpected flowers from a friend. The garden was looking a bit neglected; they made a big difference.

Orange begonia flower


September bought the first morning that felt like Autumn. It was cold, damp and all our plants were covered in droplets.

Water drops on sweet pea leaves


When the sunflower petals started to shrivel, I knew we’d seen the last of Summer for sure. Grown from seed by my own fair hands 🙂

Sunflower head in sun


The last flowers in the garden this year.

Purple heartsease flower
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10 comments on “A garden year, 2016

  1. Fabulous collection of shots. Loved the blackbird :-). I missed that before.

  2. Aw – thank you for that lovely collection. I remember your hyacinths 🙂 I may have to do a similar collection now that you and Annie appear to have started a trend. #HDYGG

    • Those hyacinth bulbs are in the garden now, hoping they grow again in the Spring. Thanks for stopping by Rosie!

  3. what a great round up! it was a happy year in your garden. xx

  4. i’m attempting to grow daffodils this year, to date i’ve managed to get the green stalk and leaves but no flowers yet

  5. Your photos are beautiful. We had a pair of blackbirds nesting in our garden two years ago. The femail had a white blotch on her head. They are very tame. This year their baby has a huge white blotch on its head. Obviously her baby. Very tame and we can go into the garden and hand washing out even though they are very close.

    • Thanks Catherine 🙂 I think blackbirds are naturally quite tame once they realise you aren’t a threat. It’s lovely they bought their baby to your garden that year!

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