Red flowers

G&G’s garden

I haven’t spent much time in our garden or at the allotment lately. So this week I thought I’d introduce you garden hounds to G&G’s garden. G&G are Scott’s grandparents and when we visit I always have a snoop around the garden. They put a lot of work into looking after it. The patio is always full of flowers and Granddad has veg on the go in the greenhouse at the other end.

Pots full of flowers
Mixed planters

During Spring the garden room is often full of seedlings. The first time I saw them all I couldn’t believe how many there were! Trays and trays of them and I remember Grandma telling me she would plant them all on when they got bigger. Thinking back, I’m pretty sure they were the geraniums we planted in the garden at our flat.

Cream and yellow violas

Red flowers in pot

This is the hollyhock in their front garden. It was really blowing around in the wind but I was determined to get a photo; I took about 20 and this is the only one in focus. If anyone was watching me with my camera, they probably had a good laugh…

Pink hollyhock
Pink rose head
Pink rose
Green plums on tree
Granddad’s plums (sounds very rude I know)

They have a greenhouse tucked away behind some shrubs and a plum tree. When Grandad inherited this greenhouse he dismantled it and moved it to their garden for cleaning. Scott and I washed all the glass panels, then Grandad rebuilt it with a friend. It’s one of my favourite bits of the garden because there’s always something delicious growing inside.


At the moment there are some whopping tomatoes and cucumbers in there!

Homegrown cucmber

Ripening tomato
Heirloom tomatoes

I put a tomato on the palm of my hand so you can see just how massive they are! These are on my list of things to grow next year, I love the shape.

Green tomato in hand
Giant heirloom tomato

Behind the greenhouse are runner beans. I’m always happy when I spot bees on these flowers. G&G gave us some of these for our allotment this year and we’ve been eating beans every day for about two weeks.

Bee on bean flower
Runner beans

At the very back of the garden is Granddad’s ‘allotment’. He built this raised wooden bed himself recently and is growing lettuces and fresh peas for Grandma in there.

Raised vegetable bed
Homemade allotment

And that is G&G’s garden. As you can see, it’s well loved and full of nice things. It also has something unusual growing in it, a pluerry tree (pronounced plerry). The fruit looks like a large cherry and tastes like a plum! I’d never heard of one before and thought Scott was having me on when he first told me they had this tree in their garden. Should have taken a photo really but we were too busy eating them off the tree.

Hope you enjoyed looking around 🙂

14 comments on “G&G’s garden

  1. Wow – the tomato and cucumber are enormous. I was at a friend’s house yesterday who has a greenhouse filled with tomatoes and more so now am doubly wanting a greenhouse one day!

  2. It’s a beautiful garden and looks like a productive one too – those tomatoes! Love the shape too, and I bet they taste how tomatoes should 🙂 #hdygg

  3. I love the raised bed idea, we need something similar for our strawberries at home. I have been looking for some heirloom tomatoes to try for next year too, colourful heirloom carrots are on my list too!

    • Oooh yes, heirloom carrots. We tried to grow carrots a couple of years ago – they tasted good but looked like crooked witches fingers…

  4. what a beautiful garden they have! and it looks like they definitely know what they are doing. look at those tomatoes!
    you made me laugh talking about taking 20 shots of the hollyhock blowing in the wind. when i am out and about and i stop to take a picture of a flower it often happens that it is at that precise moment that a gust of wind comes and the flower starts shaking all of the place. lol it always happens!

    • That happens to me too!! And it’s always at the moment I’m just about to hit the shutter button. I was starting to wonder if I’m cursed haha.

  5. those tomatoes look massive, do they taste as good as the smaller ones? When we were living in South Africa our markets and supermarkets were full of strange odd shaped fruits and vegetables with a much shorter shelf life and had a much more earthy taste to them, My MIL said it reminded her of her Grandparents garden when she was a child. Now we’re in Dubai we’re back to everywhere selling the standardised shapes/sizes

    • I’ve never eaten a homegrown heirloom tomato but everything homegrown tastes good so I’m sure it does 🙂 I like the unusual shaped and coloured vegetables too. Sadly we never see anything like this in the supermarket.

  6. My oh my Gemma, what a huge cucumber you’ve got *waggles eyebrows*
    I’m loving G&G’s garden, it so colourful. And I know that hollyhock feeling – usually it’s Robins that it happens to me with – though in a stroke of luck and *ahem* genius I managed to get one of the blighters in shot this week *rubs hands with glee*
    I have no idea why but this post has left m hankering a slab of Victoria sponge cake…

    Thanks for joining in again sweet cheeks 🙂

    • It’s funny you mention Victoria sponge cake because that’s one of Grandma’s specialities. She makes a cracking sponge. Glad you got your robin shot, they are good at playing silly buggars when cameras come out. It took me numerous attempts to photograph the one in our garden.

  7. Crikey, those tomatoes! They belong in a horticultural show, wonderful. This is my first year with a greenhouse on our plot and homegrown tomatoes are an absolute joy, worth the endless trips to keep them watered! I love the raised bed too, I need something similar to keep the pigeons away from my broccoli – next year for sure….

  8. Such a gorgeous garden, can’t believe the size of those tomatoes and the cucumber, so very impressive.
    The mini allotment is lovely, great idea!

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