Knitted gauntlets

Goats of Inversnaid hat and gauntlets

For my birthday last month I received a Goats of Inversnaid knitting kit (pattern links at bottom of post) containing Buachaille wool. I was super excited to unwrap it and start knitting! So much so that once I started I couldn’t stop; a week later I had a new hat and pair of gauntlets.

Knitted hat and gloves
Goats of Inversnaid hat and gauntlets

This wool is absolutely gorgeous; the colour is rich and the texture is light and lofty but sturdy. I enjoyed knitting every stitch with it. Three skeins made a hat and two gauntlets; I have some wool left over too.

Skeins of wool
Skeins of Buachaille wool and knitting bag


I started with the hat. The pattern advised working inside out to keep the colour work even. It worked really well. Knitting this way mean’t it was much harder to pull the floats any tighter than the width of the hat – a good thing for a tight knitter like me!

Hat ribbing

The whole thing came together really quickly (excuse the big eye bags!).

Knitted goat print hat
Goats of Inversnaid hat

On the crown of the hat is a circle of hearts and kissing goats (it took me a while to realise). Such a nice touch. Scott said I look like I’ve dozed off in this photo haha!

Knitted hat detail

If I’m being super picky there is one thing that bothers me; a slight pucker at the top where I worked the beginning and end of a few rows. Padding out the hat a bit better during blocking probably would have helped smooth it out. Anyway, it’s a really minor thing. The hat fits well and is nice to wear so I’m happy 🙂


Next up – gauntlets!

Knitting on needles

After knitting the ribbing and a few rows of the goat pattern I realised the gauntlets were going to be much too big for my small wrists – even though they are suppose to be a loose fit. In the end I dropped down a needle size and knitted the gauntlets with 3mm needles. This size gave a better fit around my wrists and provided enough room to fit the widest part of my hands in.

Knitted gauntlets
Goats of Inversnaid gauntlets

These are now my go-to gloves. Thankfully the weather has been cold since I cast off so I’ve had plenty of wear out of them.

Closeup of knitted goat pattern
Goats of Inversnaid gauntlets

Now my kit is finished I am reading through Kate Davie’s Yoke book, trying to decide what my next big project will be. I should have taken a photo of the cover really, the yoke on the front is one my favourites.

Thanks to Scott for standing in the freezing cold to take photos of my new knitwear!


  • Pattern: Goats of Inversnaid (Ravelry link) by Kate Davies
  • Wool: Buachaille
  • Wool colours: Highland Coo (rusty orange), Between Weathers (blue), Ptarmigan (white)
  • Skeins: 3 – one of each colour
  • Knitting needles: 3.25mm, 3.5mm. 3mm and 2.75mm for a personal gauge alteration.

11 comments on “Goats of Inversnaid hat and gauntlets

  1. Hat and gauntlets look very beautiful! Congratulations!
    I saw the pattern on her blog a few weeks ago and like it also…


  2. Those are adorable! Knitting from the inside out – I have a student who does that by mistake. I’ll have to tell her she is all ready to do color work now!

    • I use to do that too! When it came to knitting inside out for this project, I had a hard time remembering how do it again.

  3. Love these! I went and ordered myself a hat to knit for myself yesterday because A) I need a new hat and B) it was cheap as chips in a sale!…just don’t look at all of my other unfinished knitting projects, ok?!

    • Thanks Cerys! I’m the opposite, currently on a knitting drought after finishing these. I saw a chunky hat pattern the other day and thought of you – I’ll tweet you.

  4. Oooh, they’re so nice. Good knitting job!

  5. I’m hoping to get this kit soon too, such fun!

  6. I love this kit, your knitting looks awesome! The kissing goats are a very cute touch 🙂

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