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Hello 2016

Happy new year! Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! We had a relaxing few days with family and fought the cat for the best spot in front of the wood burner. After a few visits we headed home for some lazy time at home. I also had a digital break; something I try and do every year with varying levels of success. I love internetting but December arrives and I feel completely overwhelmed. So much is going on already and there’s me pinning more things than I can possibly make in my entire lifetime, bookmarking tonnes of recipes and kidding myself into thinking I can achieve inbox zero before Christmas.

Cat in front of fire

After eleven days [mostly] away from a screen I’ve crept back onto social media and caught up with my favourite blogs. I’m sure you’ve read lots of reflective new year posts already but I thought I should say something to welcome in the new year.

2015 was a mixed year for us. We had some incredibly sad times but plenty of good things happened too. We got engaged in February, had an amazing holiday in Sweden, took on an allotment plot, had a new kitchen and bathroom fitted, went hiking in the Lake District, ticked 452 items off our Wunderlist to-do list and I made some new bloggy friends in Yorkshire. No wonder I’m knackered! 2015 has also been a good year for my blog too so a big thanks to everyone who has stopped by to read my posts, look at my photos or leave a comment. I’m bowled over that so many of you visit my small corner of the internet 🙂

Building overlooking frozen lake
2015: Our trip to Djurgården, Sweden
Me standing on path
2015: Our trip to the Lake District
Bowl of orange curry
2015: Dishoom – best curry of the year!

I don’t make new year’s resolutions anymore. Every time I have in the past, the list has been unrealistic (I enjoy making lists a little too much), I don’t do many/if any of them and end up feeling rubbish because of it. Most years I say I want to get better at doing nothing – and fail. I enjoy my side projects too much. I find it very hard to sit still or switch my brain off, so they are a good way of expelling all that energy! I’m currently knitting a big scarf and have a few projects in mind for the next few months. I have some new Christmas books to read too.

Stack of books on table

From top to bottom: How to be Free, The CircleThe Year of Living Danishly.

They will keep my mind occupied on the commute to and front work. I’m going to read How to be Free first as Scott and I have been talking about how complicated life is and how we can simplify things. I’ve also been feeling fed up with all things people should be doing in life – it makes me want to do them even less. I turn 31 in just under two weeks; maybe early 30’s is when your inner rebel rears its head!?

Beeswax candle

And on that note, I’m going to carry on eating homemade biscuits in my pajamas and watching Columbo. Happy new year and all the best for 2016. <– I sat and had a think about an insightful message but that’s all I could come up with haha!

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8 comments on “Hello 2016

  1. Happy New Year!!

    How to be Free is an amazing book! Tom writes so well!

    Another of his is How to be Idle which I also love!

    Make sure you join his magazine subscription “The Idler” which I’m looking forward to read. The courses and workshops they run look fab also.

    Big fan as you can guess

    • Hah, funny you should say that because I was going to tweet you a photo of it! Will check out How to be Idle and the subscription. I have high hopes for this book, fingers crossed it’ll help us work out to feel more fulfilled and happy.

  2. I think I would like to have a sneaky peek at how to be free when you have read and digested it, sounds very interesting. Happy New Year keep up these amazing blog posts. ???

    • Happy new year Tina! When I’ve finished the book I’ll pass it on to you – could be a while away yet if I keep getting distracted by side projects. Thank you for reading and all your comments this year. x

  3. Hooray, How to be Free! Reading that book changed my life — okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it did change the way I look at my life, which is always nice, and made my thirst for a self-sufficient life ever stronger…

    Happy 2016, hope it’s a wonderful year for you. xxxx

  4. Happy new year Bacon Face!
    And now I crave curry at 10.30am. Why is it always the food that get me every time…. ok don’t answer that!

  5. Now that you’re married I’ll send you a copy of The Idle Parent 😉

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