Man sat on rocks by water

Lynn Creek, North Vancouver

Lynn Canyon Park was a great place to go hiking for a few hours. Beautiful scenery, waterfalls and plenty of places to sit along the creek. Heat from the BC wildfires pushed the temperature into the 30’s which isn’t ideal for hiking so we weren’t sure how far we would get. However this turned out to be a great route because it was sheltered and we could stay fairly low, avoiding the worst of the smoke.

Lynn Creek entrance

Wooden forest path

Deep blue water in creek

After a short walk we arrived at the 30 foot pool (below) where the water was bright turquoise and freezing cold! We briefly sat on the rocks but headed off when more people arrived. A film crew were also setting up to film The 100!

People swimming
30 foot pool
People swimming in natural pool
30 foot pool

Man hiking on rocks

I don’t really like having my photo taken but sometimes it’s nice to have a record of yourself in places that make you happy. We have few joint hiking photos because most of the time, no-one is around to take one for us. So I bought a selfie stick for this trip. It turns out I’m rubbish at using it and I feel a bit silly… so it only came out of my bag three times. Scott took this photo as evidence of me going to the dark side (selfie stick world) — the fact he was gathering evidence made me laugh.

Taking a selfie on rocks

The photo I was trying to take with Scott in the background wasn’t even in focus dammit! But he managed to get a good one of us together.

Couple in creek

View along suspension bridge
Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Next stop — the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge. A narrow bridge that sits 50 metres above the ground and connects both sides of the canyon. The views were pretty spectacular but the bridge was wobbling about all over the place, making it hard to get a photo. Scott was the only one who managed to get anything in focus.

Trees, cliffs and pool below
View from the suspension bridge

And that’s where the busier part of our journey ended. We spent the rest of the day hiking along the Baden-Powell trail where people were few and far between. Cool air whipping along the water helped us stay cool too.

View down the creek

Man sat on rocks by water

Man looking over creek

We found a great spot to eat lunch and couldn’t resist dipping our feet in the water. So so cold! I didn’t realise it was possible to feel brain freeze in my feet! Saying that, they felt like new afterwards and carried us for nearly twelve miles that day.

Dipping feet in stream

Water running through creek

Turquoise water

I made another quick video using clips from our phones.

I could have happily sat there all day but we still had a fair walk back to civilisation ahead of us. After this point the trail climbed higher above the creek and the air heated up again.

Dirt trail and trees
Baden-Powell trail
Log steps in forest
Baden-Powell trail

We eventually made it back to the bus station and journeyed back to our hotel, rewarding ourselves with ice cream along the way. Peach bourbon for me, cookies and cream for Scott.

Travel notes — public transport to Lynn Canyon Park

From central Vancouver:

  • Take the train to Waterfront.
  • Then board the SeaBus to Lonsdale Quay (North Vancouver) — the entrance is in Waterfront station so it’s easy to find. The journey across the water takes around 12 mins and leaves every 15 mins.
  • Take the 228 or 229 bus from Lonsdale Quay to Peters Road and pick up the trail.

For the journey back, follow Lynn Creek down to Main Street and catch a bus from Phibbs Exchange. It’s quite a busy area but it does give you the opportunity to hike for longer without needing to turn back.

A single use Compass day pass ($10) will cover all of the travel above.

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