Robin standing on fence post

Hoppy garden

The garden may be looking a bit swampy at the moment but the birds are making up for a lack of anything else going on. Temperatures dropped so our feeder has been busier than usual. When it’s cold I tend to go to town with fatcake, meal worms and seed. Keeping the bird baths defrosted has been a challenge though; I poured warm water on them and they were frozen again within an hour.

These photos didn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped. One of the settings on my camera was wrong so they are a bit grainy 🙁

Robin standing on frost

This robin is one of a pair that visit together. One of them has been ripping our hanging basket apart so perhaps they are building a nest. I hope they bring their babies to our garden.

Pair of house sparrows
House sparrows (female left, male right).

Our first Dunnock!!

Sparrow on fence
Dunnock (Hedge Sparrow)

Robin standing on fence post

Our friends bought us this feeding stand and it’s the perfect place to hide treats. In the Summer the clematis grows around it and gives them somewhere to hide.

Feeding robin

Is it me or does this one look it’s dancing to Night Fever?

Robin on fence with wing up

Sparrow on fence
Male house sparrow
Blackbird standing on frost
Male blackbird

I wrote a post about helping birds in the Winter. You can find it here if you’re interested. Have the birds been eating anyone else out of house and home?

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9 comments on “Hoppy garden

  1. you get so many beautiful birdies! and i love the way the pictures came out Gemma. i don’t find them grainy at all… xx

    • We do and they all bring big appetites with them. Thank you Claudia, I almost didn’t post them but I’m glad I did now 🙂

  2. Definitely Night Fever! 🙂 Night fever, Night fever!

  3. I love your captures Gemma! I’m like you feeding them like crazy at the moment. And, yes, also tried to put out some warmer water only to discover ice blocks.

  4. Ha ha ha now I am humming The BeeGees!

    Seriously jealous of your Robin shots, they’ve been eluding me, I just can’t seem to get close enough!
    Lovely birdies in your garden – hopefully a couple will help clear the spiders out so you can access your booze stash once again…
    We’ve just realised it’s Birdwatch this weekend so we’ll be getting out and making notes tomorrow 🙂

    • It might sound silly but its taken quite a while for those robins to trust us. They are very cautious birds, but once they know you won’t hurt them they turn into posers.

  5. I’m in love with the photo of the robin with his wing raised, looks like he’s dancing to Saturday Night Fever

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