How to dry rosemary & herbs

My neighbour has a huge rosemary bush that is going to be pulled up, and it seemed a shame to waste it so I decided to dry as much as of it as I could. If you’ve never dried herbs from your garden before, it’s very easy!

Cut rosemary on worktop

1. Cut stalks off your rosemary bush – you want to pick healthy, green stalks.

Cut rosemary stalks

2. Pull the leaves off the base of the stalk as this is where you will tie the string.

Rosemary leaves with black mildew

3. Look for and discard any diseased or wilted rosemary leaves.

Rosemary leaves under running water

4. Wash the rosemary stalks. I usually let mine sit in water for a few minutes to make sure all debris and insects are removed. Lay the washed rosemary on a tea towel to remove excess moisture.

5. Wrap string around the base of the stalks. Make sure you tie it tightly as the stalks will shrink a little.
Hang upside down and away from direct sunlight. If you don’t have a dark room at home, put your sprigs in a paper bag and hang upside down.

Rosemary drying upside down on hangar

Tip: if you have alot of rosemary to dry, trying attaching it to a hanger and putting it on the back of a door.

Dried rosemary on stalks

6. In a couple of weeks time, your rosemary will be dry enough to cut and store. If you’re not sure if  it’s dry enough it won’t hurt to leave it a few extra days – any moisture will cause the herb to go mouldy once jarred.

Dried rosemary in jar

7. Cut your herbs. I give mine a quick blitz with a stick blender as it’s alot tidier than cutting it up by hand and takes a fraction of the time

8. Store in an air tight jar and enjoy! Your herbs should last 6 months – 1 year depending on storage conditions

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