Blue hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea mania

For my birthday last year, Scott’s grandparents sent me some money to spend on plants for the garden. I knew exactly what to buy; a blue hydrangea!

Closeup of blue petals

The giant flower heads were a mixture of pastel blues and white. But this year it has grown into a bit of a franken-plant with blue, hot pink and purple. In some places the blue is luminous. Nothing like the pastel plant I bought originally but beautiful none-the-less.

Hydrangea heads

Colourful hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea flower centre

Opening hydrangea flowers

Hydrangea flower centre

Hydrangea blooms in leaves

Blue hydrangea flowers

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9 comments on “Hydrangea mania

  1. the gift that keeps on giving. so beautiful Gemma. xx

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous hydrangea! I’ve always read that the pH of the soil really affects what color the blooms on a hydrangea will be. But I’ve never seen a purple color like that, how neat!

    • Yes I heard this too! I know you can get a liquid treatment for the soil but I also want to look into natural ways of changing the colour.

  3. My blue and pink hydrangea got some nasty disease last year and we thought it was going to have to be dug up. I decided to cut it right down and now it has grown back looking much healthier. It only has one flower on it but this year it is purple and it has only had rainwater.

    • Oh no! But it’s good you manage to save the plant. I water our hydrangeas from the mains with a hose, starting to wonder if rainwater would change the colour in any way.

  4. I’m loving the hydrangeas as i travel around the uk

  5. what a gorgeous selection of blooms

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