Our garden: May 2012

A month of continuous rain has done our garden the world of good, so I thought I’d post a few photos of what’s happening / what we’re growing.

White strawberry flower

Strawberry flower

We have 18 strawberry plants this year and some of them are starting to flower. Last year we only bought one because we wanted to see if it would be happy in our stoney/sandy soil. And it was! It produced 6 juicy strawberries. Each time we found a ripe one, we’d have to cut it in half and share it. This year we’ll probably get to share a bowl!

The tiny oregano plant I bought back in February from the Farnham farmers market is now getting pretty big and soon I’ll be able to cut loads off for cooking.

Yet another poorly mint bush. I seem to have the kiss of death with mint. Does anyone know what causes it to go all yellow and papery like this? It’s sprouting new shoots but these will get to a certain size and go yellow too. Any ideas? I bought it to make mint tea but haven’t had a cup yet because it looks so unappetising!

Growing lettuce leaves in a line

I planted lettuce leaves 8 weeks ago and we chomped our way through our first garden salad on Friday. After having fresh leaves from the garden, I’ll never go back to buying them from the supermarket.

Last Summer, two big pots were enough to keep us supplied with salad for most of the Summer – it grows back very quickly.

The silver posie thyme has flowered and the bees are loving it. You can see one poking it’s head into the shot.

Thyme with little purple flowers

Silver Posie Thyme

The chives have grown back ferociously this year and are about to flower. You can see we’ve already started eating these.

Chives with unopened flower buds

Chive buds

My chamomile bush was looking yellow and wilted around the edges but the deluge of rain has helped it spring back to life. So I think the ground needed a really good soak.

Lush green chamomile


My pathetic Cambridge scarlet bergamot bush from last year is getting big and I’m hoping we’ll see some red flowers this year.

I was given some mange tout seedlings, which I’m really excited about.

Mange-tout seedling in a pot

Young mange-tout seedlings

We only have a small patch of garden so I’m going to make a wigwam from canes and twine for them to climb up.

The spinach, carrot and tomato seedlings are tiny at the moment. Last year I sowed my tomatoes far too early (but still got a huge crop of tomatoes) – someone advised me to sow them 7 weeks before I plan to put them outside, so this is what I’m doing this year. The onions are looking a bit sad and haven’t really grown much beyond some little green tufts sticking out the ground – probably too much rain. The garlic is in the ground and I can’t wait to dig it up. I’m just about managing to resist the urge to have a poke around the soil and see what’s happening.

It’s going to be a busy Summer!

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