Zigzag knitted cushion on chair

Knitted cushion cover

This is the latest wooly addition to our living room! I received a copy of Knitting 24/7 by Veronik Avery for Christmas and fell in love with this cushion cover. The example in the book was a high contrast black and white version, but I wanted a fairly muted colour scheme so it wouldn’t look out of place with our blankets / minimalist living room.

Zigzag knitted cushion on chair

The pattern instructions confused me a bit so I knitted it in my own way. Rather than knitting the front in a tube with a steek and adding a separate back piece, I created one long piece of knitting which I stitched together at the sides. I think it worked just as well.

Grey and white knitted zigzag cushion

I didn’t want to buy any additional materials for this project so I raided my stash for the wool. The grey wool was my old laptop case, which I unpicked and made into a ball of yarn. The grey and white match our minimal living room nicely.

I wanted to use brightly coloured buttons but I didn’t have enough to make a set, so I used these lovely wooden tree buttons instead. I bought them a year ago and had been saving them for ‘the right project’. I had four, which them perfect for this project.

Wooden button sewn onto grey wool

Overall I was pretty happy with the way this turned out although I think there are areas I can improve next time. This version was a ‘test run’ for a green version I want to make for our bedroom. Our current Ikea cushions are looking tired and flat (first world problems!) so I plan to buy some new cushion inserts and made a knitted cover for each.

Notes and tips

  • Pattern: Modern Pillow by Veronik Avery
  • Knitting needle size: 4mm
  • DK (double knitting) wool
  • This cushion cover is for a 15″ cushion but could be adapted for smaller or larger sizes
  • Keeping track of your stitches and rows is crucial to the success of this project
  • I joined the front and back edges together using mattress stitch. It takes time but if it’s done properly the join is practically invisible
  • If you need more than one ball of wool, make sure they are from the same dye lot to avoid any colour banding, which will be very noticeable with this type of pattern

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  1. Love! Love! Love!

  2. Thanks Kim! 🙂

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