Learning crocodile stitch

Last week I started teaching myself crocodile stitch. I had no idea what, if anything I would use it for, I just wanted to learn something new.

My first attempt

I honestly don’t know what happened here. All I can tell you is that messing it up so badly took some skill.

Half crocheted mess of orange wool

My fifth attempt

After five attempts, I got this far. “Hurrah” I shouted – until I realised I had crocheted it back to front and had the ‘wrong side’ facing me.

Wrong side of crocodile stitch

My sixth attempt

Much better. There are a few odd areas (bottom right) but this attempt was much better than my first! At this point I was wondering what I found so difficult the first time and carried on until I ran out of wool.

Rows of crocodile stitch

I watched various videos on YouTube but they kept flipping their work backwards and forwards to show different areas and I ended up getting very confused. I searched for a written tutorial and found a great one on the Lost and Found Lane blog called Crocodile Stitch The Easy Way. And it was easy. So if you want to learn this stitch I’d really recommend looking at her tutorial.

If you’d rather learn from a video check out mikeyssmail’s Crocodile Stitch – How To Crochet video.


  1. Hey!
    Keep having the same problem as u did in the beginning. End up with the wrong side facing me :S. Watched the video and the tutorial but still don´t understand what i´m doing worng. If you have any tips please help me 🙂

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