Mushrooms in frying pan

Letting off steam

Scott and I were toying with the idea of going camping when we realised it had been three years since the tent last came out. Three years!? Part of the reason we don’t go very often is a lack of wild campsites; the sort where you can escape civilisation and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Unfortunately most of the campsites we found were pretty big — 250-500 pitches. But we lucked out when we found a smaller campsite called the Watercress Lodges & Campsite that backed onto the Watercress Line (a steam railway). So on a Friday night after work we packed the car and headed off. This was our view for the next two nights; we had the field to ourselves.

Camping view
Campsite view
Pitched tent in field
Pitched tent — place to ourselves!

^ We forgot to pack a mallet and had to bash the pegs in with our shoes. That went as well as you’d expect.

There’s nothing like a bit of Pinterest browsing to get you in the camping mood! However, ‘Pinterest camping’ and ‘reality camping’ are two very different things. In real life there are fewer enamel mugs. More tupperware, chaos and epic bed hair from rubbing your head against the inside of a synthetic tent all night. That being said, I love it! You can’t beat waking up to fresh air.

Halloumi salad
Halloumi salad

We used the portable gas stove Scott’s grandparents bought us as a wedding present, to fry up some halloumi and asparagus for dinner. Washed down with a cold cider.

The crochet blanket in this photo is pretty ugly but has served us well in all sorts of outdoor adventures. Regardless of colour, I crocheted all the odds and ends of wool in my knitting basket together. I can still remember what the wool in each stripe was originally used for.

Making a sandwich

Yellow flowers in sun
View out of tent
Waiting for the meteor shower

Me in tent

Darkening sky at night

Later that night we sat on the grass under a sleeping bag and saw 17 shooting stars in the meteor shower. I’d only seen two or three in my entire life up to that point. Sadly the peace was ruined a bit by the bass of Boomtown Fair just a few miles away. The music stopped at around 3am and we were up at 7am. Oof. Next morning we emerged from the tent bleary eyed. The sound of Boom had been replaced with steam trains. Much better!!

Purple flowers and out building

Mushrooms in frying pan
Camp breakfast

Our plan for the day was to walk from Ropley station to Alresford for lunch. We whipped up a cooked breakfast of herby tomatoes, eggs, beans, bread, mushrooms for me and sausages for Scott.

Thomas steam train
Watercress Line. Thomas the Tank Engine day!
Pink flowers in the sun
Ropley station

We walked through woodland, lanes and fields. Closer towards Alresford we even saw the watercress beds (the town is famous for it). No lunch photos I’m afraid as it was nothing to write home about. Avoid The Globe in Alresford, the service is shocking.

View over stile

Sky at sunset

Originally we were going to camp for two nights but we decided to head home for some proper sleep (away from Boom) a night early. We packed up our tent before it got damp and spent the rest of the evening on our ugly crochet blanket feasting on bread and cheese before making our way home. Great weekend!

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2 comments on “Letting off steam

  1. Ah looks like fun! And of course now I’m hankering halloumi…

    I once bashed tent pegs in with a milk saucepan, come to think of it I still have that dented pan. Despite the boom it sounds like a lovely weekend – all those shooting stars – magic x

    • Haha! The vision I have of you bashing tent pegs with a pan is hilarious!! Saying that, it probably did a better job than our shoes. So I guess you get the last laugh on this one…

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