Life – April 2013

I’ve been busy over the last 7 days. I finished a freelance contract the week before last and have taken a few days out to catch up with myself: tidying the house, getting the garden sorted, shop orders and working on side projects (my version of relaxing).

Almost no crafty business has taken place as I’ve been glued to my screen. I have a bad inefficient habit of scribbling down ideas on bits of paper and putting them on the sideboard or in the back of notebooks. Well, the time arrived for me to finally sort through that pile and action some of the ideas. Most of the craft projects backlog was cleared at the beginning of the year giving me time to focus on illustration projects.

My latest illustration side project is a set of character icons called ‘Heads Up’. A year ago, someone asked me to design a ‘cool toilet door sign’ and I started looking at ways of drawing male and female. But they quickly abandoned the sign idea and I shelved the sketches in the back of my notebook. Last week I worked them up in Illustrator and listed them for sale. You can now buy these icons as vectors and use them for whatever you fancy. I think they’d make great profile icons or supporting imagery for articles.

Colourful illustrated character faces

Character illustrations

I’ve been preparing a few illustrations for sale which I’m really excited about. I’ve created some useful bits and pieces for bloggers, just simple things like Photoshop brushes that can be used to make background images and blog headers. I’ve also got some Christmas ideas up my sleeve – is it too early to be thinking about Christmas? Nah.

I recently discovered a new blog called Whole Larder Love. I love it, it’s really inspiring. Every time I visit the site I feel like I want to run away to the hills and live the simple life. If like me, you have escapist fantasies, cooking or growing your own food you’ll probably love Whole Larder Love (Kim!).

Whilst we’re on the subject of living the simple life, I spent some time in the garden last week weeding and tidying up. I found a huge caterpillar hiding in the parsley, he’s still there feeding up. But even more exciting than that…the first signs of strawberries! Last year was a bit slow for the strawberries and Scott and I ended up only getting a couple of ripe strawberries at a time. When we only got one, we’d cut it in a half and share it like a pair of paupers. We’d be standing in the kitchen, both eager to eat our half. We’ve got 15 plants but I spotted a few runners creeping along the ground so hopefully we’ll have a few extra. I sowed some lettuce and spinach seeds and the first seedlings have started to appear. I’m really looking forward to eating home grown salad again. With the exception of Riverford and Steve’s Leaves, we’re always disappointed with the stuff we buy from the supermarket. It’s soggy or tough and has a horrible ‘pond’ smell to it.

Bowl of garden herbs

First herb pickings of the year

I always feel like Spring has sprung when our herb garden has grown enough for us to harvest enough herbs to make a meal out of. On Tuesday this was the case. We hadn’t been food shopping so our only option for dinner was some spinach and ricotta tortellini we had kicking around. I heated some oil with minced garlic and added fresh tomato chunks and a couple of handfuls of herbs. It was delicious, fresh herbs make everything taste fantastic.

On a side note: if you’re sat at your desk reading this on your lunch break, eating a sandwich you accidentally sat on during your commute to work, visit Sad Desk Lunch. It’ll make you feel so much better.

And that’s April almost over already…

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  1. Lol! What are you trying to say? To be fair I have made a very in depth design of the organic farm/restaurant/craft cafe/eco home I’m gonna build when I win the lottery! This would also come in very handy during the zombie apocalypse!

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