Savoury muffins in baking tin

Life Lately: April 2017

I struggled to write a Life Lately post for April. Probably because I’ve spent most of the month in a bit of a daze, eating chocolate! Here’s what April looked like for us…

Sunny windowsill


Savoury muffins in baking tin

  • Savoury muffins (with turmeric)
  • An amazing meal at Vanilla Black
  • Freshly made pina coladas
  • Lots of avocados
  • A peach bellini — finally. I was going on and on about peach bellinis when I had a concussion. I wasn’t aware I even know what a peach bellini was. I’m happy to report it was every bit as delicious as I didn’t know it would be!
  • BBQ food in the garden, yay!
  • Fresh popcorn

Dried corn cob

This fresh popcorn was incredibly good. Twisting the kernels off was like dropping a match in a firework factory. They were ricocheting off the walls and cabinets; I ended up chasing half of them around the kitchen.


No surprises to see we are continuing with the usual themes of murder and corruption!


The forest near our house and country lanes on our bikes. I cannot tell you how good it feels to be back on two wheels. Both of us are a bit out of shape so we haven’t been covering long distances. The hills around here are pretty relentless and if it wasn’t for those, I think we’d get a bit further. Chips waiting for us at the other end might help too.

Man walking in tall trees

Daffodils in the sun


We bought a new camera lens! It has been on our list of things to buy for a long time. This is the first photo I took with it; a test shot outside the camera shop. Only a quick snap but I like the light and tiles.

Mosaic doorway

Family time at Easter and hanging out with Mischief the cat (aka Chief). He’s as hopeless as me when it comes to having his photo taken. It took 3 family members chirping “Mischief” to get this one! The basket in the background was an Easter present from Scott’s family. It was stuffed full of our favourite chocolate.

Black and white cat on sofa
Mischief the cat

Mexican theme night with good friends, Polariods and mini Sombreros!

Polariods of friends

Getting out in the garden has been nice. I’ve been sowing seeds, potting on and tidying up the garden. Blue tits are raising a family in the nest box on the wall and the robins are eating us out of house and home.

Robin tilting head


April has been a month of juggling all the things. I’ve had trouble sleeping because there has been so much to think about! During times like this we often talk about selling everything and taking off on an adventure. So far, my list of essentials includes a laptop, camera, snacks, a jar of peanut butter, deodorant, pants and toothbrush. We really like our home though so it’s unlikely we’ll actually do it. And that’s the whole point of escapist fantasies right?

Dappled sunlight on white blossom


My new name, logo and website! It felt good to give this place a lick of paint, it’s long overdue!! Choosing blog names is hard and once I started I remembered why I put it off for so long. Now the hard work is done I can keep tinkering with my blog until I’m happy with it.

Patterned notebook cover

I had some fun with Sugru, mending things around the house and carving the stampers I used to make this notebook.

Family gave me a big tree stump for carving on (nicknamed Stumpy, obviously). It now sits in a nook in the back garden ready for more projects. I’m hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on some more green wood and work on new projects soon.

Whittling on tree stump

That’s all for April! Next month I’ll be visiting Lisbon and Berlin for work, woooooo!

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