Sun shining through leaves

Life Lately: August 2017

Dried poppy heads

August has been a good month; we are finally getting back on track, we’ve been out on our bikes, had a few nice days to ourselves, almost got the house straight and the first signs of Autumn are appearing. Here’s what we’ve been up to…


Almond and raspberry bakewells
Swedish bakewell biscuits

Despite how this month looks in photographs, we’ve actually eaten really well.

Chocolate shake with toppings
Freak shake

Yes that’s a whacking great piece of chocolate cake on top of Scott’s! These were THE best milkshakes I’ve ever had. Although they are practically a meal all on their own. Perhaps I didn’t need a burger and fries to go with it.


Sun shining through leaves
We’ve been out on some great bike rides. Neither of us are hot weather creatures so we’ve taken advantage of cooler days or set off earlier in the morning. There are so many hills where we live it’s not really possible to go out for an easy ride.

On the bank holiday weekend, we cycled 26 miles via the Christmas Pie Trail. Not the longest ride in the world but it was a good run considering we are a bit out of shape and half of it was uphill. Obviously we had a pub lunch when we got to Guildford. And maybe an Oreo milkshake from Five Guys to cool off.

Cycling on a leafy road

Despite how it looks in the photo above, I am wearing a helmet. It’s a hovding. Scott has one too.

Cycling along a canal


I’d been feeling like I wanted to put a stick of dynamite under lots of things during the last few months — my inbox, the overflowing laundry basket, jobs around the house and life admin that has built up. We’ve been good at keeping other people happy but not making enough time to look after ourselves. The bank holiday weekend was just what we needed to recharge. Originally we were going away but when it came down it, we decided to catch up with ourselves instead.

Man walking in potato field

On a more positive note we celebrated Scott’s birthday! This photo was taken on our way to dinner the night before he turned another year older. We walked through a giant potato field and I decided I’d order whatever came with chips.


Wool on wooden table

August has bought some hobby time our way, wooooo! Scott has been working on a solar panel project and our home automation system. I splurged on a Hexa Hap kit and have been picking that up whenever I have a few moment spare. It has been nice to feel totally absorbed in our own projects again.


Summer is nearly over and the garden is winding down. I really like this time of year because the mornings and evenings get cooler and signs of Autumn appear. I’ve been saving a few seeds from the garden; sweet peas, nigella, sage and violas so far.

Viola seed head
Viola seeds

We’ve also harvested some apples from our mini apple tree.

Hand holding apple
Homegrown apples


Dog sitting this pooch. As I type this, she’s laying on her bed totally cream crackered after an evening game of ball.

Dog with tongue out

Hay bales in field

That’s all for August!

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2 comments on “Life Lately: August 2017

  1. Tina Evans

    And you made rosehip syruo 😍🌹❤️X

    • Gemma Evans

      I’ll save your jar until we next see you 🙂 I’ve already taste tested this batch to make sure it’s suitable *wink wink*

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