Wooden fawn

Life lately: December 2015

Well this is it. Last post of 2015! I’m going to have a break from blogging and fully absorb myself in seasonal festivities. And by that I mean drinking lots of mulled wine and eating as much cheese and roast parsnips as my body will allow. Here is December in a nutshell…


As this is a Christmas post I’m listing some of my favourite Christmas films!


I’m still reading Lord of the Flies! I started it five months ago and I’m determined to finish it by the New Year. Enjoyment isn’t the issue, I just find reading during my commute difficult. All the lurching back and forwards in traffic makes me feel really green if I’m reading.

Cookery books in shelf

I have some new cookery books to look through; vegetarian cookery, soup, jams and preserves, Roman cookery… our friend’s wife died a little while ago and we saw him recently. He asked me to look through her books and take a few home.


Too much chocolate, not enough soup. It’s been so mild lately I’ve barely made any soup; there’s little joy in eating it on a mild day. I really need to curb the chocolate eating. I like it but I don’t love it so I don’t why I’m filling my face with so much of it. There’s too much temptation to mindlessly hoover up sugar at this time of year.


I made a Christmas wreath! I had so much fun making it and it looks very festive on our red door.

Wreath on red front door
Homemade Christmas wreath

Every year I like to have a Christmas knitting project on the go. Even if all the materials arrive early I make myself wait until Christmas Eve to start knitting. My project of choice this year is Purl Soho’s Seafaring scarf. However, time has run away from me and I still haven’t bought the wool for it. Gah! Hopefully I can find something in Guildford next week. I’ll be disappointed if I can’t because this has been tradition for a few years.


I’m looking forward to the Christmas holidays; laying in in the mornings, sitting next to the wood burner with the cat, eating Christmas cheeses and having a few days to do whatever we want.


Getting the decorations out of the loft and rifling through all the boxes. Love this little fawn from our nativity set.

Closeup of wooden deer
Wooden nativity


Still dreaming of living in a wooden house in the Norwegian fjords – but that will never change 🙂 I recently had a phase where I wasn’t dreaming in my sleep very much. Well, now my brain is making up for lost time and I’ve been sleep talking again. The other night I put my pillow at the end of the bed. Scott said he asked me why I was doing it and my answer was because I’d put up some Christmas decorations in the flat (which we no longer live in by the way) and other people didn’t like them so I took them down. Hah! I have no recollection of these things so I’m always intrigued when he says I’ve been talking/doing things in my sleep.

That’s all the news I have. Merry Christmas everyone! Eat, drink and be merry. x

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  1. Merry Christmas you lovely nutter! xxxx

  2. Merry Christmas m’lovely

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