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Life Lately: January 2017

Pale pink rose petals
Birthday flowers

A life lately post means one thing. It’s the end of January – already! Time has flown by. I turned thirty two this month and celebrated with a trip to the Designs of the Year exhibition in London, Mexican food at home with a bottle of Prosecco and a meal with lovely friends who also celebrate January birthdays.


Chocolate cake with candle
Chocolate and almond tart

Prawns and I haven’t been getting along; I think I may have an allergy. Eating them brings my face out in a rash and my mouth feels smaller. It’s something that has happened in the past but as I don’t eat them very often, I only put two and two together when I ate some again this month and ended up a very rashy face! Not to self: go easy on the prawns.



My new job! I’ve been working towards it for a few months but kept it pretty hush hush because I didn’t want to jinx anything.

Robin standing on frost

Thick frost on grass

It has finally felt like Winter! Has anyone else been enjoying the cold weather? I know a lot of people struggle through this time of year and feel human again when the Summer sun arrives, but for me, my body is much happier in the cold. The only thing I struggle with is getting out of bed in the morning when the house is chilly; I do love my bed.


Christmas and my birthday bought some great books my way. Just realised they’re nearly all food related. Can’t wait to read Just One More Thing!

Pile of books


Happy to share that the MRI results for my elbow injury came back normal. I’ve had quite a few problems with it after my cycling accident. Thankfully I got the all clear and just have to put up with it hurting until it heals.

Tree lined road in the sun

Lots has been going on and although January is the year of starting as you mean to go on, we haven’t been taking the best care of ourselves. At the beginning of the year I said I’d get up really early, do some exercise and make myself scrambled eggs for breakfast. Hah! No chance. I haven’t been sleeping well so I’d rather have sleep than eggs. Once we settle into a routine, we’ll hopefully be on top of things again.

That’s about all I’ve got for this month. Apart from… 339 sleeps until Christmas!!

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2 comments on “Life Lately: January 2017

  1. So lots of congratulations….a birthday and a fabulous new job and a healing elbow! The almond cookies by the way were a hit in our household…but disappeared way too fast. I’m waiting for longer daylight hours and signs of spring before I hit a new routine xx

    • Thank so much Kriss! I’m pleased the almond cookies were a hit. I should bake some more again soon, haven’t eaten any since the new year… criminal. x

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