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Life Lately: June 2017

I’m a bit behind with my Life Lately post this month. Normally I make notes through the month but today I realised it’s the 2nd July and I hadn’t even started it! I’ve not made much time for blogging this month and I’ve barely taken any photos so this post will be a little more sparse than normal. I nearly didn’t write it but having a gap would bug me, so here it is.

Blue skies and building silhouettes
Sky at dusk


  • 40 garlic roast chicken
  • Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries (my favourite fruits)
  • Generally too much of everything
Roasted chicken in roasting pan
40 garlic roast chicken

This is a plate of impromptu BBQ food! We only went out to buy compost and came back with that, an aloe vera plant and lots of food. The scotch egg is a vegetarian scotch egg. The ‘sausage’ is made from chickpeas and tomatoes. So good!

Mixed bbq food on plate
BBQ food


  • Orange is the New Black series 5.
  • Fargo series 3. Absolutely love it!


Man looking out of window
Train travel through France

Our main trip this month was to Paris for WordCamp Europe 2017. Scott and I were volunteer organisers on the design team and we’ve spent the last 10 months designing badges, booklets, stickers and lots of other bits and pieces. We saw all of our team’s hard work come together at last.

Red conference seating
WCEU 2017 conference venue
Portrait of couple
Photo credit: Clicky Steve

One of our design team buddies took us to the Shakespeare and Company bookshop — it was a fantastic little shop with lots dimly lit nooks and crannies filled with books. There was even a resident cat!

Dark bookshop
Shakespeare and Company bookshop
Bar in French cafe
Parisian cafe

We ate a really nice lunch at this cafe. It was baking hot outside so we didn’t want to talk very far and Scott found this gem around the corner from our hotel. We sat eating pizza and risotto with a river view.


Peas are the star of the show this month. Several pods had grown quite fat so I popped one open with my thumb. The peas inside were still quite young but boy did they taste good. I picked another four pods and sat on the patio floor eating them in the sunshine. They were the juiciest, sweetest peas I’ve ever eaten. The seeds were given to us as a wedding present, so they are actually “wedding peas”.

Open pea pod
Homegrown peas

Our friends have been keeping the garden alive while we’ve away from home over the last couple of months. If it wasn’t for them I think we would have lost half of our plants to the heat.

Purple flowers in the sunshine


Pleased that life is starting to calm down a little. We’re slowly ticking things off our list and it should mean we have more time to take care of ourselves during the second half of this year.

Sheep in field and blue skies

Nighttime has not been kind; I keep waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. My mind just whirrs round and I lay there waiting for it to stop. Normally I think of the colour black or black clouds but even that hasn’t been working. Maybe Scott needs to hit me over the head with a frying pan.

Have a good July folks!

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2 comments on “Life Lately: June 2017

  1. It sounds like you had a pretty good month! I’m not so sure on the new OITNB, though it’s getting a bit better the more I get in to the season – I think I might almost be finished?
    Freshly grown peas are the best aren’t they?! I literally just grow them to snack on haha! Mine are still pretty small atm, so hopefully I’ll have some in the next week or two!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Gemma Evans

      The latest series has changed pace a bit, which took me a few episodes to get into. But after that I really enjoyed it. I hope there’s another series!

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