Breakfast bowl in the sun

Life Lately: March 2017

Spring has arrived and I’m so happy to see sunshine and colour. Nature has been teasing us a bit though; it feels like Spring one minute and Winter the next. Scott and I have finally had some weekend time at home.

Tree against blue sky


I haven’t tried many new recipes this month, we’ve mostly eaten old favourites. Like this lemon cake I made for Mother’s Day. As a kid I use to call bundt cakes “monkey bum cakes”.

Lemon cake with white icing
Lemon cake
Chicken eggs in box
Chook eggs

I posted a recipe for these white chocolate Jazzies. As with all good things, they didn’t last long!

White chocolate Jazzies
Homemade Jazzies


The last of Mountain Men 🙁 We hit a drought since this finished but are looking forward to new Twin Peaks and Orange is the New Black.


Carnations in enamelware teapot

Slivers of sunshine creeping in to rooms at the back of the house. The building next door blocks the sun during the Winter — but at this time of year it’s high enough in the sky to clear their roof. Sunshine on the bed is a sure sign warmer weather is on the way.

Wool blanket in the sun
Sun on my bed
Breakfast bowl in the sun
Sun on my breakfast

The robins are getting very tame and are now brave enough to hop around by the back door when all the food is gone. I then know to go out there and fill it up. I’m under the thumb…

Robin standing on flower pot


All the things! So far I’ve sown sweet peas, calendula, violas, basil, love in a puff, chillies, runner beans, parsley, rocket, chives and cosmos. Our sunny kitchen windowsill is fast filling up with seed trays of tiny seedlings. I’m sure most gardeners will agree that seeds are amazing little things and seeing tiny green shoots push through the soil never gets boring.

Seedling in sunlight
Cosmos seedling

This seedling is cosmos, one of my favourite plants for attracting bees. I hadn’t planned to sow any yet but I accidentally left the seed packet outside overnight and it rained! Fail.


We’ve tried to be more disciplined with going for a walk at lunchtime. Working from home makes it easy to stay housebound all day and do chores when it’s time for a break. Now the weather is looking up and I’ve settled into my job we’re getting out and about more often. When the sun shines, the grass and leaves look luminous at this time of year. I love this shade of green.

Tree branches

I finally got back on my bike, wooooo! My MIL pointed out I was very co-ordinated in this photo but it was a total fluke really. The thing around my neck is a Hövding helmet (read how it works here). Not wearing a traditional helmet will take some getting use to but it’s much comfier.

Me on my bike

That’s all for March!

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4 comments on “Life Lately: March 2017

  1. Is it bad that I’ve never tried a bundt cake in my life before?! I’m so excited for Orange is the New Black! I’ve been binging Schitts Creek on Netflix lately (it’s a total cheesy sitcom, but for some reason it’s kind of addictive).
    I really need to get planting my seeds! I feel like I’m so behind this year in comparison to every other year – my windowsills are usually filled up by now as my timehop keeps reminding me haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Bundt cake is my favourite although the same cake probably wouldn’t taste any different in another shape! I’m with you on Orange is the New Black — the end of the last season was pretty crazy. I feel like I’m behind with my seeds every year. I only planted them early this year because other people kept posting photos of theirs and it reminded me to get a move on. In a few weeks you’ll be able to plant them straight outside anyway 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos Gemma! Glad to hear your job is going well and you are enjoying the spring! It really is a lovely time of year!!

    • Thank you Ellie! I’m soaking up as much of this lovely light as I can, so pleased Spring has arrived.

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