Rustic cheeseboard

Life Lately: November 2016

The end of November means one thing — it’s nearly Christmas!!

Rosehips in enamelware

This month has seen plenty of cold sunny days and our first hard frost of the year. These giant rosehips were gathered from the yellow rose bush in our garden; I picked them for the dinner table when we had people over to eat. Love the colours.


Rustic cheeseboard
Rustic cheeseboard

This cheeseboard! Homemade bread and knekkebroad, runner bean chutney, salted butter, apples, grapes, walnuts and of course, cheeses. Served with a bowl of homemade soup on the side. Perfect for lunch on a cold day.

Bread with leaf pattern
Homemade bread

Chopped broccoli stalks (peeled) have been going into most of my soups this month — we’ve been eating a lot of broccoli. The stalks are rich in vitamins so it seems a shame to waste them. Once it’s cooked down with everything else you can’t taste it.



Leaf in the sun

We haven’t been out and about a great deal this month but have managed to soak up a bit of Autumn sunshine on our walks at lunch.

Moss covered rocks
Nesjavellir hiking trail

I am missing Iceland’s beautiful landscape. Sorting through our holiday photos has been a mammoth task but I’ve managed to write a few posts about our adventures: Nesjavellir hiking trailHeiðmörk hike, restaurants in Reykjavik and hiking Esja. Grab a cuppa and stop by if you have time 🙂


Cosy lit barn
Making retreat barn

Last weekend I went to a making retreat run by Emma of Silverpebble. Two days of crafting, good food and cosiness. I made a notebook, silver pendant, willow lantern and a wooden spoon.


Happy to be getting somewhere with my arm pain from the bike accident. After a 10 week wait, I finally had an appointment at the musculoskeletal clinic! They’ve referred me for an MRI — once I’ve had that we should know for sure what the problem is. They’re looking for loose soft tissue in my elbow; hopefully they won’t find any. The thought of it makes me go a bit weak at the knees.


A sunny house,  especially cooking in a sunny kitchen. A bright kitchen is a warm one and that helps my bread rise.

Fruit bowl in the sun

Crochet blanket in the sun

I leave sunflower seeds out on this terracotta pot for birds that can’t use the feeder easily. Caught this field mouse pinching the seed 🙂

Field mouse eating seed

Next up — December. I may have cracked open the Baileys already!

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6 comments on “Life Lately: November 2016

  1. You seem to be quite a talented home baker. That bread’s beautiful.
    Fingers crossed they can identify what is going on with your arm and get it sorted out, too.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer 🙂 I’m keeping my fingers crossed too, hopefully they don’t find much and it’s just a case of time. x

  2. Your crochet blanket is to die for! Still amazed that you could make such a beauty. It was so fabulous meeting you ‘in person’ rather than online at the winter retreat. And love your shot of the field mouse…now I’m pondering about leaving some nibbles out for ours. Oh yes must find your almond cookie recipe!

    • You too Kriss — we’ve been following eachother for a long time now so it’s nice to put a real face to your blog 🙂 Hopefully we can meet up again soon. This blanket is my favourite for warmth! Some snacks might tempt your field mice out for a good photo… x

  3. Gosh, this post looks delicious – so many of my fave things – all the cheese, please! Looking forward to more on your making weekend.

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