Cinnamon rolls on rack

Life Lately, October 2016

Red flowers in white jug
Carnations in enamel teapot

We’ve spent most of October waiting to go on our honeymoon in Iceland. Boy was it worth the wait! Now we’re back we have a few more days of holiday before things return to normality. There’s a mountain of washing to do and we plan to chill out and enjoy doing nothing for a little while longer.


Cinnamon rolls on rack
Cinnamon buns
Cheese topped muffins
Cheese muffins


  • The Fall, series 3.
  • Hunted. Part of me would like to give it a try. Although I said to Scott my downfall would be nipping into a shop to get a snack and getting spotted on CCTV.


The last of the butternut squash. Not the biggest in the world but soft to cut, quick to cook and flavourful.

Butternut squash
Homegrown butternut squash

We didn’t grow these flowers, I cut them from a whacking great weed growing out the side of the compost heap at the allotment. Looking at them again I’m wondering if they are some kind of sunflower? Either way, they were perfect for filling empty vases and brightening up the house.

Yellow flowers in jug
Maybe a weed?


Steam on landscape
Iceland landscape

We’ve just got back from our honeymoon in Iceland. Over ten days we have taken hundreds of photos; I can’t wait to share some of the amazing things we’ve seen! I felt sad to leave Iceland behind but it’s also nice to be home again. I miss the mountains though 🙁


Close up knitted jumper
Rainbow baby jumper

I’ve made some lovely things this month; a rainbow jumper for Pip and completed the last of Linda’s unfinished quilts.


Perfume bottle on shelf
On the bathroom shelf…

October is the month where the weather change dries my skin out and I raid the bathroom cabinet for things to smother myself with. I don’t use many products but I do have a couple of faithful favourites; Weleda Almond Cream and Dr. Organic Rose Otto Face Serum. I’ve also been smelling like a queen with a spritz or two of Tiziana Terenzi Orion perfume (c/o Harvey Nichols).


Candle flames

Darker evenings are one of my favourite parts of Autumn. They make the house feel cosy and the evenings feel longer.

Multicoloured crochet blanked
Crochet hexagon blanket

Now the temperature has dropped this hexagon blanket has found its way onto the bottom of the bed again.

That’s all for October! Hope you’ve all had a good month.

Disclaimer: Harvey Nichols sent me bottle of Tiziana Terenzi Orion perfume to feature on my blog. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.

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6 comments on “Life Lately, October 2016

  1. Oooh what a lovely, cosy autumnal post to read! I think your “weeds” are indeed a perennial sunflower. (Something like this, probably: Maximilian sunflower)

    • Thank you Sabrina! The Maximilian looks like a good match. Likely cleared from one of the plots and continued to grow.

  2. Ah it’s great to catch up, I really look forward to these catch up posts 🙂

    Iceland is awesome (as you know oh so well!), Al and I honeymooned there too as it happens.
    I’m going to get on the cheesy muffin wagon now and a I *may* have a crush on Donal. I blame you baconface!

    • Never mind gazing into Donal’s eyes, look at his buns!! And I mean the swirled cinnamon kind, not THOSE buns…

  3. The perfume from Harvey Nicholls that you were wearing when you flew to Iceland was truly amazing I think I will be adding it to my Christmas list. Your blog makes Autumn feel really cosy, I can taste the cinnamon buns ? X

    • I’m glad it makes Autumn feel cosy — lots of people are sad now the weather has turned but I love it. The perfume is lovely, I keep sniffing myself 🙂

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