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Life Lately: September 2016

September felt like a very short month. Nights are getting colder and the mornings are chillu. We got talking to couple on a walk today who told us that Autumn has officially arrived, marked by the Autumn equinox on the 22nd September. Happy days.

Eating & drinking

Purple porridge
Blackberry porridge (not the best photo!)

Food on bbq

^ We have a new BBQ (gas powered). Scott is now officially a proper man.


Seed heads and pods
Acorn, poppy head and sycamore seeds

Finding nature things to bring home. The sea pods above and the berries below are some of my favourites.

Red berries in enamel jug
Berries and enamelware


Work on my 100 days of nature project has been slow. Other things have taken priority this month so I haven’t drawn every day. I still plan to complete the project but it will take me longer than planned.

Sycamore pod drawing
Sycamore seed drawing

I’ve also been working on some Christmas illustrations — getting your head into a festive mindset is hard when it’s still warm outside.


  • Transparent series 3 — series about a man who transitions into a woman.
  • National Treasure — a new drama series starring Robbie Coltrane.


Forest trails near the house — one of the reasons I love living here. I got lost last week but it worked out well in the end because I discovered a new route.

Forest path
Forest path
Dog on forest path
Dog sitting

Scott and I headed to Brighton. He had a things to do for work so I kept myself amused for a few hours. One of my favourite things to do in Brighton is look around the junk shops! After lusting over lots of items I couldn’t get home on the train.

Brighton beach
Brighton beach
Flowers growing on steps
Brighton steps

^ Always nature hunting, even in cities!


We’re planning to get rested in time for our honeymoon in a few weeks time. We’ve got lots of outdoorsy stuff on our list!

I’m happy because I finally have an appointment with a specialist about my arm pain! After seeing my doctor, I waited 2 weeks for the musculoskeletal department to confirm an appointment date which was 8 weeks away. Ooof. I was sorting through photos last night and I stumbled across this one of my arm a few days after I hurt it. Although I get frustrated I still have a dicky arm, this is a good reminder of how much healing has happened.

Arm injury
Horrible puffy arm!

Last month I started using a Dermatix silicone sheet on my hip and its really helped flatten the keloid scar. I use tape around the edges to stop them curling up when I wear anything with a waistband.


The outdoor growing season may be coming to an end but you can still grow indoors. I started three ginger buds in the garden; two were hollowed out by slugs, the third one survived. This is what it looks like now! It’s currently about 40cm tall.

Ginger plant in pot
Homegrown ginger

That’s all for September!

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2 comments on “Life Lately: September 2016

  1. Hi Gemma, just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I live in Brighton and recognised the painted brick wall – in the road my friend works in! Small world! Anyway hope you enjoyed your trip – the Curry Leaf Cafe’s good. And if you enjoy flea market shopping, hope you found Snoopers’ Paradise in Kensington Gardens. It’s the best! Ellie

    • A small world indeed 🙂 It was pouring with rain when I spotted that wall but I had to stop and get a photo of it; the soaking was worth it. I love Snoopers’ Paradise — I’m not in Brighton very often but when I am I try and drop in. I could spend hours (and a fortune) in there. Thanks for your lovely comment!

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