Pink stocks

Love the light

The sunshine yesterday was absolutely glorious! Everything looked so colourful and green, I even went for a walk in a t-shirt a lunchtime. This weeks garden updates is all about beautiful light shining down on our garden.

Pink stocks
Pink stocks
Hyssop leaves

I’m really glad the hyssop came back. I gave it a seriously drastic hair cut and I wondered if it would ever grow again. Clearly it’s a trooper.

Wild violet flowers
Wild violets

Fritillary don’t flower for long and they die back at the end of Spring so I always forget they are there. I think most of them have been mobbed by other plants now but this one made it through. Huzzah!

Fritillary flower
Snake’s Head Fritillary
Cowslip plant
Cowslip flowers in the sun
Clematis buds
Bluebell bud opening

I’m not feeling very chatty today, partly because there haven’t been any big changes in the garden this week, so I hopefully the photos have made up for a lack of words. Actually, I say nothing has happened but I just remembered the peony has a bud!! I’ve waited two and a half years for it to flower, maybe my luck is in this year. Fingers crossed people!

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15 comments on “Love the light

  1. This sunshine-felled week has made me really impatient for Summer and I am totally willing on the roses and peonies now like a crazed beast. So lovely to see your garden being rained on by sun rays – and my oh my, that cowslip is the colour of cheese!
    The peony potential excites me greatly!
    Thanks for joining in again pickle x

    • Now I see where all the cheese talk on Twitter has come from today — you got me good with that cheesy hedgehog! If the peony actually flowers this year, it’ll have its own post.

  2. so pretty and happy Gemma. sunshine makes all the difference doesn’t it? xx

  3. I keep seeing these Fritillary on instagram and in blogs and until this year I’d never heard of them…now I desperately want one! Your pictures are amazing. It’s always a relief when plants come back from a hair cut isn’t it? I was ruthless with our lavender last year and then spent a long time panicking I had been too brutal….fortunately it’s very forgiving xx #HDYGG

    • It reminded me of someone trimming a fringe where each cut is wonky and it gets shorter and shorter. Thankfully plants don’t feel embarrassment!

  4. We have a good patch of fritillary which is a good thing as my daughter decided to cut some too. Oh the light on your flowers just makes me smile 🙂

  5. Fingers crossed for the peony.
    Fritillary are amazing unique, I do love their quirky appearance, I think often times the flowers need no words, their beauty speaks for themselves.

  6. good luck with the peony, i love those plants, my mum has one from her mother that she has been transplanting as she has moved around the UK for 45+ years

  7. Gorgeous photos, I love the angle of the sun at this time of year. There’s so much going on in your garden already, it makes mine look rather brown in comparison. You’ve reminded me that I planted some snake’s head fritillaries last year, there’s absolutely no sign of them so I’m off to see if I was super-organised and made a note of where I planted them!

  8. Who needs words when there are such lovely flowers to look at?! A bit of sunshine does wonders for everybody and everything.

  9. Lovely to find your space through the HDYGG linky. What a beautiful garden you have! I wish I lived closer to you so I could pick your brain about all things garden.

    • Thanks Jennifer, that’s very kind of you! If you want to pick my brain about garden related things just drop me a comment 🙂

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