Pile of green tomatoes

Making green tomato chutney

Pile of green tomatoes

I could have looked at this season as a disappointing year for tomatoes, but I prefer to think of it as a fantastic year for growing chutney ingredients! I picked just over half a carrier bag of green tomatoes from the plants, all destined to become delicious green tomato chutney.

Last year I used a recipe from Good Food, but decided to try something a bit different this year and opted for Grans recipe. I made a few modifications to the ingredients:

  • The recipe calls for raisins but there are a lot of raisin haters in the family so I addend extra onion and tomatoes to make the weight up
  • I added some chopped garlic and garam masala to make the chutney more savoury
  • I substituted malt vinegar for cider vinegar
Chopped tomato chutney ingredients
Chopped ingredients
Half cooked tomato chutney
About half way through cooking

The only thing I don’t like about chutney making is the vinegar stink. After about an hour of cooking, my eyes start to feel like they are pickling in their sockets. The house always smells a bit vinegary for a couple of days afterwards no matter how far the kitchen window is open – although using cider vinegar was a little less whiffy!

Jars of tomato chutney cooling
Green tomato chutney cooling in jars

We left the chutney for just over a week… but were impatient to try it, so ‘taste tested’ it with cheese and crackers. It’s delicious and once it has matured for a month or so, it’ll be even tastier – especially with cold turkey and mashed potato on Boxing Day!

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