Meet Fraser, the knitted sheep

Meet Fraser the sheep!

I received a Knit Your Own Sheep Kit for Christmas and finally got around to making it a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect instant gratification project because it only took a couple of evenings to complete.

I’d planned to take photos of the kit contents but I opened the bag and before I knew it, the wool was on my needles and I’d knitted half a sheep, oops! The kit contained:

Knitted sheep in orange cable knit jumper

Fraser the knitted sheep. Pleased to meet Ewe.

Cable knit orange fleece

Jumper detail

Top of orange jumper with cable knit

Cable knit detail

I think my tension was a little off – either the fleece came out a little large, or the head was too small. Either way, it just makes him look extra cosy.


  1. Hi Gemma, thanks for blogging about Fraser – he looks lovely and you’ve done a great job with the fleece. I’m glad you enjoyed the kit.
    Linda x

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