Chatty Feet socks

Meet Meggy

When I was younger I use to have a thing for knee high stripy socks. There was a shop in town that sold them for £1 a pair so my drawers were full of them. Stripes of every colour you can imagine! Since then life has got much more sensible and now I have draws full of practical socks instead. That was until Meggy from Chatty Feet came along.

Black and yellow socks
Meggy socks
Meggy is made from lovely soft cotton with stretchy ankle tops. Her stripes made her an instant winner for me (did I mention I’m a bit of a stripe fiend?).

Sock care instructions

You see that little piece of red thread in the middle of the label above? That is an alternative to those horrible plastic tags that normally rip your socks apart when you try and remove them. Only a small detail but a nice touch and something I really appreciate.

Socks on feet

Closeup of sock design

The illustrated design is on the top and bottom of the socks and the ankles are plain back, so you could wear them somewhere smart if you wanted to. Imagine bringing in a big business deal knowing you’ve got these tucked in your shoes.

Red sock heels

I love these socks; they are so soft and comfy. I’ll put them on with a smile in the mornings!

Putting on socks

Chatty Feet are creators of quirky illustrated socks. All of the designs are available in both adult and kids sizes and would make an unusual gift for sock lovers. They have quite a few designs so you could choose a design to match the personality of the lucky recipient. And by the way, if you know anyone who likes the royals, you might want to check out Kate Middle-Toe (Hah! What a name!).

Chatty Feet kindly sent me a complimentary pair of socks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.

5 comments on “Meet Meggy

  1. Heh heh I too am a stripe fiend – these are too cute!

    • The more stripes the better in my opinion. After taking the last photo, I realised I’d doubled up!

  2. They are absolutely brilliant, I think I might treat myself, they would cheer everyone up at work when I remove my shoes whilst being searched, ?

    • Hehe, with the plain black ankles they wouldn’t suspect jazzy socks hiding in your shoes 🙂

  3. i used to wear knee high stripy socks in an attempt to be Pippy Longstockings. I do still own many pairs but they only get worn these days when I visit the UK, it’s too hot here for socks, full stop

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