Blue tit feeding on fat cake at the window

Meripac bird feeder

A few months ago a blue tit started pecking on the window at the side of our flat so we created a DIY bird feeder.

I mentioned it to my neighbour and she told me about a bird feeder that attaches to windows. After a quick bit of searching, we found the Meripac Window Feeder (British made).

Meripac feeder attached to a window
Meripac window bird feeder

The blue tit at the side window seemed content pecking at our DIY bird feeder made from an onion bag so we attached the new feeder to the living room window instead.

It took a few days for the birds (blue tits, grey tits and robins) to get use to it being there, after which time they would feed from it throughout the day. On a few occasions I managed to grab the camera and take some photos. They aren’t crystal clear because it was very much a case of having the camera ready in auto, keeping very still and hoping for the best!

Blue tit feeding on fat cake at the window
Blue tit
Blue tit on window feeder looking away
Blue tit

And here’s a video of one of the birds having a feed in the cold.

British made and perfect for feeding and observing the birds if you don’t have a garden. Hopefully I’ll have some more photos to post up soon!

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