Illustrated mustard packaging

This packaging project was originally a piece of self promotion (involving mustard!), but I decided to tweak the design and add it to my side projects as regular mustard packaging.

Black and white illustrated mustard jar

Back of illustrated mustard jar

Top of illustrated mustard jar

Packaging development

Experimenting with lettering styles for ‘Mustard’.

Variations of the letter M

I incorporated the curves of mustard spoons by adding small spoon shaped nodes to the centre of each letter.

Pencil sketches of the word 'mustard'

Once I was happy with the overall look of the type I worked each letter up individually with an ink pen. These letters would then be traced into Illustrator to form the final ‘Mustard’ type.

Hand drawn letter 'A'

Typography for the back of the jar as also developed by hand.

Practising hand drawn lettering

The illustration for the label was based on mustard plants. The mustard seeds give wholegrain mustard it’s coarse texture, so I decided these should replace the flower petals.

Hand drawn mustard plants

And that’s the making of the mustard…

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  1. Xandro Lombardi

    This is a really cool example of how things are done – great for my students to learn from.
    Thank you

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