Flakey croissant pastry

Homemade croissants

Today I made croissants for the first time. I was going to save this post for a while but I’m excited about my newly acquired (slightly wonky) croissant making skills!

Croissants are something I’ve always considered as too difficult to make, until my Dad sent me a link to this recipe. The whole process takes 3 days – two days of rolling and chilling and a third day of proofing, shaping and baking. There wasn’t much actual work involved as most of the time was needed for chilling and proofing. The end result was definitely worth the wait.

The dough

I made the dough the night before the first roll and fold – the recipe said to mix the ingredients in a blender with a dough attachment for a total of six minutes. I don’t have a dough attachment for my blender so I just kneaded it by hand until the texture was soft and pliable.

Rolling the butter

Rolling butter between sheets of greaseproof paper
Rolled butter

I found this the hardest part of the process. The butter had to be cold which mean’t it was quite difficult to roll. Until this point, croissants didn’t seem too unhealthy as the dough contained mostly flour, milk and water. That was until I rolled 140g of butter for 7 croissants. Erk!

Rolling the butter in the dough was fun. As I worked it I could see fine layers of butter marbling under the dough and it started to smell like a rich, creamy croissant.

Proofing croissant on greaseproof paper
Proofing croissant

A long 20 minute wait

After 20 minutes in the oven they were ready to eat! We were a bit impatient and tucked in pretty much straight away (afterall, we had been waiting two days).

Golden croissant on wooden bread board
Freshly baked croissant

They were delicious on their own but even better with some blackberry and apple jam we’d made back in September.

Flakey croissant chunk with blackberry jam
Blackberry jam

The pastry was really light and flakey.

Flakey croissant pastry
Flakey pastry

They might not be the prettiest croissants in the world but they’re tasty and I’m happy I managed to achieve a flakey texture. Delicious! Diet starts Monday 🙂

Things I’ll do differently next time

  • Work on the shaping. I was a bit heavy handed with the edges when rolling which made the ‘legs’ very long.
  • I misread the instructions and missed out a day of refrigeration (I did one instead of two). To compensate for this, I put the dough in the fridge for an hour after the final roll and fold. Probably mean’t the final result ended up with slightly less flavour than if the dough had spent two days in the fridge.
  • Make a full batch and freeze the rest. I made a half batch first because I wasn’t sure how edible they’d be.
  • Cook them for a little longer for better colour.
  • Buy better quality butter. I used a supermarket organic butter but next time I’m going to try something like Acorn Butter, which should have a better flavour.
  • Try a goat butter version.

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  1. Today I will mostly be eating homemade croissants: http://t.co/XwTunxr5Wq #nom #nom

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