Forest edge

Nature Seekers #1

I’m taking part in a new series of blog posts called Nature Seekers. Nature Seekers is a project by Annie (Manneskjur) inspiring people to get outdoors, enjoy nature and share it with others. That’s something I can definitely do! Some of my favourite walks where we live are those that feel far away from everything and we are lucky to have this beautiful space less than 5 minutes from the house. After a short walk through a field full of ginormous cow pats you come to this shaded track.

Dirt track in a field

The overgrown state of this stile shows you how few people walk along this route. Even though we live in a rural area, this is one of the few walks where we don’t see any litter.

Overgrown stile

Once over the stile you reach these beautiful fields! Autumn is definitely moving in because the trees and grass are starting to lose their colour.

Hilly field

The fields were mowed recently but in the Summer the grass grows long and has lots of wild plants and flowers growing in it. Even in the Autumn and Winter months there is something interesting to see.

White flowers in field

The great thing about this route is that it connects to the forest.

Trees at edge of a forest

River in a field

As you get closer to the forest, the grass gets greener and the paths become full of ankle biters (nettles!). It’s my own fault I get stung because I nearly always go walking in cropped trousers.

Ankle high stinging nettles

Walking home through the woods takes at least 2 hours door to door so we normally only go that way at weekends. On cold days the hills really warm us up and if it’s raining the trees in the forest are good temporary cover – we got caught out on one occasion so we scrambled into the bushes and ate Malteasers until the raised eased off!

Forest edge

This was the first time I walked this route by myself. Scott was feeling energetic so he went for a bike ride and I was feeling lazy and slow so I opted for this walk with my camera. Thankfully I didn’t have to confront any cows – we had to walk through a group of them here a few weeks earlier and they were actually quite menacing! I’d gone from saying “I’m not scared of cows” to “oh crap, that one over there is looking at us” in less than 5 minutes.

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4 comments on “Nature Seekers #1

  1. Totally with you on the cows! Beautiful creatures but I prefer them at a distance 🙂

    • Same here. They seem to have one facial expression for all occasions so it’s really hard to tell whether they are enjoying their mouthful of grass or about to pounce, haha!

  2. You live in a beautiful place, I love the house just visible from the river – I imagine the 3 bears might live there.
    I love cows, grew up in a house opposite a cow field, people under estimate how dangerous they are, always with caution.

  3. Great to hear about your walk, told with just the sort of humour I like.
    Cropped trousers..tsk!

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