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Norwegian adventure, part 1

I’ve put together a few snippets from our first week in Oslo. We’ve done so much since we arrived, landing at the airport feels like a long time ago already! Lots of snow has fallen but everything keeps ticking over. The trains are running, people are out jogging and some are still sitting outside drinking coffee under a lap blanket.

Our apartment already feels like home and has everything we need, including a mini grater! We’ve cooked meals, figured out how to use the washing machine, learn’t how to ask for a carrier bag in Norwegian, lit fires in the log burner, found cafes with good Wifi and have a favourite supermarket.

We’ve been spending plenty of time exploring during weekends. Revisiting Nordmarka was a great experience and we’ve stumbled upon new places too — Østmarka and some smaller islands to the South of Oslo (blog post coming soon).

Neither of us are fed up of the snow although walking around on paths coated with thick sheet ice has been challenging at times. There are three year olds with better balance than us but we plod on regardless.

Hope you enjoyed the video!

Video soundtrack: The Jay Boys, Tilly.

4 comments on “Norwegian adventure, part 1

  1. Very well done it was lovely to watch your adventures 😍xxx

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you! It’s nice to have all of the small moments together in one place.

  2. ah yay you did a video! So cool to see your adventures, Oslo looks beautiful and all that snow looks so wonderful! – how long are you out there?

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Ellie 🙂 Hoping to make a few more videos while we’re here. We have a gimbal but have been a bit bashful about using it in public — hopefully we’ll get braver and start filming smoother footage.

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