Glasshouses at Oslo Botanical Garden

Scott and I went for a mini break in Oslo last week. Part of our holiday was a two hour boat trip around the fjords surrounding the city. As scenic as it was, we stepped off the boat frozen to the bone with just enough feeling in our legs to put one foot in front of the other. I can normally cope well with the cold but it got to me that day — I was tired from hiking adventures the day before and it was already below freezing on land, even colder on the water. We decided walking was the best way to stay warm and headed to the Oslo Botanical Garden. Imagine our joy when we discovered not one but two heated glasshouses!!

Sitting in glasshouse

Evolution Room, Palmehuset, Oslo

The first glasshouse we came across was Palmehuset (The Palm House). There are three rooms all connected through wooden doors; Evolution Room, Mediterranean Room and Desert Room. We took advantage of benches next to warm pipes. You can see Scott thawing out above 🙂

Metal glass house interior

Palm House ceiling

View through door

Mediterranean Room, Palmehuset, Oslo

Plants inside glasshouse

Mediterranean Room, Palmehuset, Oslo

Pots on windowsill

Mediterranean Room, Palmehuset, Oslo

Steamy glasshouse window

After coaxing ourselves back outside we spotted another glasshouse called Victoriahuset (Victoria House), named after the giant Victoria water lily. I loved stepping in here. It was bright and warm and we were greeted by a wall of green and the sound of trickling water. Normally I hate being anywhere hot and humid but on this occasion it was glorious. And that’s what I like about colder climates; heat is something to be celebrated.

Tropical plants in glasshouse

Victoria water lily pond

Green plants in pond

View inside glasshouse

Victoriahuset, Oslo

This was probably my favourite glasshouse of the two because it was full of colourful tropical plants I never normally see.

Pink tropical plant

Red Euphorbia Milli

Tropical plants in glasshouse

Pink Orchid


Although there wasn’t much growing at this time of year, I’m glad we visited when we did because we had the glasshouses pretty much to ourselves. Hopefully we can go back one day and visit the herb garden and scented garden — any excuse to go back to Norway, I really like it there 🙂


  1. I could feel the warmth as you stepped into the glasshouse! Those huge water lily pads are quite amazing. I’ve never been to Norway but would love to visit some day.

    • It’s a beautiful place. If you like walking and hiking Bergen is nice. Oslo is good for museums and sightseeing. Lofoten is next on our list.

  2. Wow it looks lovely there!
    Oslo is now on my wish list – cold or not…
    Thanks for joining in again baconface x

    • You definitely need to go to Norway. They do great things with indoor plants in nice containers!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. I would have liked to take more orchid photos but my camera ran out of batteries. Next time…

  3. the beginning of this post gave me the shivers. can’t even imagine being around that cold like that. good thing you found the heated greenhouses. they look amazing!

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