Bride and groom

Our wedding day

Couple getting married

Our wedding feels like such a long time ago already but in reality, only six weeks have passed. I didn’t post anything during the lead up to the big day but since then I’ve been itching to tell you about it; we just needed to wait for the photos to arrive. Now they have. All 757 of them. Don’t worry, I won’t make you sit through that many!

Confetti throwing

Bride and groom

Bride and groom

I found reading other people’s blog posts about their weddings really useful when planning ours, so I thought I’d share a few bits too in case they are helpful to someone.

Two things at the top of our list for the day were for it to be relaxed and to eat good food (which is why we chose an old pub). We actually had a longer list of things we didn’t want which included suits, uncomfortable shoes, anything too formal, lots of makeup, traditional top table, fruit cake, dress with a train, too much mushy stuff, prawn cocktails/melon balls and mostly importantly, no first dance.

Making all the things

We made pretty much everything; table settings, flowers, name cards, favours, cake topper, seating plans, photo booth etc. There was a lot to do but we started early and in the end it wasn’t that stressful. Besides, you should know I love a good project by now. Our living room was a couple of feet shorter for six months because we had to move the sofa forward to stash everything behind it.

Rose and eucalyptus wedding flowers
Wedding flowers
Rustic wedding table setting
Wooden place name

These name holders were made from last years Christmas tree. We cut each one, sanded and seasoned it with olive oil. Name cards were made from Grass Paper; a recycled paper mixed with grass manufactured in the UK. This paper was used for everything from confetti bags, to seating plans and truffle cones.

Homemade truffle box
Prosecco and truffles

We found this frame on eBay and used it to make our table plan.

DIY table plan
DIY table plan

The cake

Scott doesn’t like fruit cake and I don’t like icing. Traditional fruit cake was out of the question. We really fancied a naked Victoria sponge cake and as luck would have it, I was walking past North Street market in Guildford one day and saw a cake stand advertising just that!

Victoria sponge wedding cake
Naked sponge wedding cake

Our cake was made by Butter and Cream Cakes and we had one raspberry tier, one blueberry and lemon tier. We made the cake topper out of wood from our old Christmas tree and burnt the motif on using a pyrography tool.

Wedding rings

Rose gold wedding rings
Rose gold and silver wedding rings
Wooden ring box
Wooden ring box

Our wedding rings were handmade in Cornwall by a man called Tom Richardson. Mine is rose gold and Scott’s is mainly silver with a thin band of rose gold to tie it to mine.


The lovely Lydia Stamps took our wedding photos. Neither of us like having our photo taken but she made us feel so relaxed. All the photos in this post are hers unless I’ve added a different credit.

No Suits

Scott really didn’t want to wear a formal suit. His Mum sent us a photo of men in braces and chinos on Pinterest — a great alternative.

Men's wedding outfits
The boys
Converse wedding shoes
Wedding converse!

Wedding dress

Pearl and lace wedding dress

My Mother-in-law discovered the shop I bought my dress from. It’s called Wed2b and everything is priced between £65 and £500 — the dresses are worth more but reduced in price because they are end of season/discontinued. Spending a couple of thousand pounds on a dress was not an option and I know it sounds unromantic but I was only going to wear it once. Both of us agreed we’d rather spend more money on food haha! Priorities 🙂

Getting into wedding dress

I tried on dresses with my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law. Six dresses later we’d found “the one” and an almost perfect fit too. A local seamstress shortened the length for me and made a small alteration to the waistband.

Best bit of advice from Scott’s Nan was to bring a small sewing kit with me on the day. And we ended up using it when we found a loose piece of lace on my dress and had to trim it off. Hence why she is wielding a pair of scissors!


Wedding makeup
Winging it

I struggled with this. I am not a make-up person at all. But I thought seeing as it was our wedding day perhaps I should wear some foundation because that’s what brides do. I went to a couple of makeup counters and they created a “natural look” for me. I didn’t look like me at all! These places are not good for your self esteem; they point out every imperfection on your face!! So I decided I didn’t want any face goop… or any more self esteem bashing. In the end we did all our own makeup and just wore what we were happy with — which was a naked face and a lick of blusher and mascara for me.


Curly wedding hair

Nicky McKenzie styled our hair, she did a brilliant job. All the rose gold clips came from an Etsy shop called DavieandChiyo.

Rose gold clip in hair

The first ‘something’

We kept our first dance replacement top secret until the day; a first game. It was a two player game of Taiko Drum Master (we had better music than this example). Two players compete with plastic drums, drumming a beat to Japanese music on screen. Sounds easy but it’s actually really intense! We borrowed a Wii, bought a projector, sourced two Wii Taiko drums and practiced for 3 weeks. We had an absolute blast!! I won by the way! *tries not to look too smug*

Wedding drum game
Photo credit: ‘The Garners’


Scott worked really hard making a Raspberry Pi powered photobooth for the evening. We bought a load of props including an inflatable shark, glasses, moustaches and a wig. This is Bronti, he’s been with us for quite a few years.

Box of novelty props

It feels good to finally share some photos. The whole thing was brilliant but went far too quickly, just as everyone said it would. If we were to do it all again I wouldn’t change a thing. We had sunshine, our friends and family with us and plenty of good food. Best of all, ten years after we got together Scott is now my husband. Happy days.

Champagne toast

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13 comments on “Our wedding day

  1. It was such a lovely day, fantastic venue, fantastic weather, fantastic food and of course a fantastic couple, the day was perfect and very bespoke well done both of you ??

  2. Your wedding looks absolutely amazing! I love that you guys didn’t do a first dance, Me and Shane both HATE dancing, so we’ve decided that whenever we eventually get married, there’ll be no first dance. Everyone looks at us gone out when I mention it! I love the idea of swapping it for something else though – I never thought of that! I love that you kept it so casual too! We’ve decided no suits (we’re going for the chinos thing too, as Shane is super casual), and no hats! I can’t stand hats at weddings haha! I love your dress btw! So nice! (I love that I’ve literally told you our wedding plans and we aren’t even engaged yet haha).
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Thanks so much April! Haha, well the fact that you know what you want already will make planning so much easier! 🙂 We thought about doing a first dance because it’s tradition but the whole idea made our toes curl and we’d have spent the whole day dreading it. There are lots of good ideas for alternatives on Google too. Casual weddings are the best; everyone is so much more relaxed.

  3. Awww these brought a real tear to my eye Gemma – so lovely.
    The photos of you hugging Scott’s back especially moved me – and I love that shot of you putting on your makeup.
    What an amazing wedding day – and the weather was kind to you two too.
    Lovely, lovely, lovely x

    • Thanks Annie 🙂 Me hugging Scott is one of my favourites too, he looks really happy and relaxed. Totally winging it with the makeup in that photo! Weather was very kind; cloud and rain either side of the big day. x

  4. this all just looks amazing, Gemma! Love the whole idea of using your tree for the holders etc. Absolutely gorgeous, all of it! and you! XXXX

    • Thanks very much Cerys. The Christmas tree came from the woods near our house too, all very local 🙂

  5. Wow, what a beautiful wedding, this looks like the most perfect day! Love to you both x x

  6. Congratulations! I love your wedding, your dress, the cake, everything …. it’s perfect.

    We also had a fairly non-traditional wedding – the cake was an enormous chocolate, vegan cake. My dress was very inexpensive and our wedding rings are antiques we bought second-hand from an antique shop 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel! I think non-traditional weddings are the best; you’re doing things that are ‘you’ rather than because they are tradition or expected. Love that your rings are antiques. We were in a bit of a predicament about what to get because jewellery can be so unethical. Glad they were made by a happy man in Cornwall 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more! I think ‘non traditional’ weddings can also just be that bit more fun, maybe because you don’t know what’s coming next! I also much prefer antique engagement rings, mainly because I love the idea that someone else has worn it hundreds of years before…

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