Paper lettering

Jaunty lettering

I’m really enjoying experimenting with typography at the moment. I wanted a hand crafted style typeface for a project I am working on and rather than using one that hundreds of other people have downloaded, I decided to make my own.

I love the hand crafted look of Henri Matisses’ paper cut outs so I adopted his technique to make my letters.

White paper letters on wooden background

The letters I cut out of paper weren’t based on an existing typeface as I wanted it to feel mismatched and hand crafted. As I was cutting I started to find happy accidents that made nice typeface features, such as the diagonal edges on ascenders and descenders of letters.

Close-up of the letter R cut out of paper

The letters looked a little rough at this stage, so I photographed them, traced over the image and smartened up any rough areas.

Vector type development

I plan to create a whole typeface using paper letters eventually – 15 letters down, 11 more to go…

More about this project soon!

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