Pink geranium flower

Pinks and oranges

Somehow I ended up only photographing pink and orange this week!? Even though I don’t like pink very much but we have quite a few pink flowers and plants in the garden. I think I like it in nature, just not in my home (flowers being the exception of course).

Tiny white flowers
Coral Bells
Dappled light on echinacea

I cannot get enough of echinacea at the moment. Love them! And I’m not the only one.

Bee covered in pollen
Bee on echinacea

Crocosmia budsCrocosmia

Pink lavender flowers
Miss Katherine Lavender
Pink geranium flower
Pink geranium

This blackbird has been a daily visitor to our garden since early Spring. The bald patches on his face make him easy to recognise. Not long ago he was making several trips an hour and leaving with a beak full of worms each time and coming home to a patio littered with soil was a sure sign he’d visited. Three weeks have passed since we last saw him and I wonder where he’s gone 🙁

Blackbird in garden pot

Hoverfly on sedum flowers
Sedum Dragon’s Blood
Orange and white ladybird
Harlequin Ladybird

Solitary cosmos. The slugs gobbled up the rest along with the marigolds, sunflowers and cornflowers.

Orange cosmos flower

The aquilegia had self seeded so I dug up the tiny seedlings and put them in a tray of fine compost. Hopefully we will have six or seven strong plants ready for next year. Free plants!

Small aquilegia leaves
Aquilegia seedlings

So happy hdygg is back, it’s created a brilliant little community of nature lovers.

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14 comments on “Pinks and oranges

  1. The blackbird photo is wonderful, I’d assume, based on our own blackbirds that you’ve not seen him as the fledglings have left the nest, with any luck he’ll be back next year.
    Love the echinacea, it looks wonderful.
    Have you tried using copper pipe to discourage the snails and slugs? I’ve placed some 1 inch long pieces of copper pipe around the base of our Cosmo and not a single slug nor snail have gone near it, the Dahlia without the copper is another story altogether!!

    • Thanks Amanda. You’re right, he’s probably off sunning himself somewhere 🙂 I quite liked having him around, he got quite tame around us. Haven’t tried copper piping but maybe I should — I looked at copper tape but we would have needed so much! And I had visions of it getting all tangled in the wind. Thanks for the tip .

  2. Lovely! I’ve not seen tiarella before, but that top photo looks a lot like one of my favorite shade plants, coral bells. I guess they’re in the same family, so it’s hard to be sure without seeing the leaves, though.

    • I searched for photos of coral bells and I think it could be just that. I bought it at a plant sale so perhaps it was mislabelled. We do have a tiarella in the same flower bed; and now I’ve compared the two I think they are slightly different. Good spot.

  3. A fine collection of bugs you have there! I particularly like echinacea as the bees love them so much. I haven’t seen any birds in the garden for ages so I presume they’re off scoffing soft fruit instead.

    • Thank you! We have so many bees this year, it brings a smile to my face when I see them all darting on and off the flowers. Our sparrows make an occasional visit but there are definitely fewer birds around at the moment.

  4. We’ve got so much pink in our garden too! I love to have a mix of colours, but somehow, whenever we visit the garden centre, I’m always drawn to the pink flowers! We’ve got pink echinacea (seriously, how pretty are they?!) too along with so many other pink plants haha! I really need to get some more colour into the garden!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Haha! I’m like that with purple! When I first started working on this garden most flowers were purple or yellow. Over time though we’ve acquired a bit of everything — and with it, lots of colour. Perhaps you could sow some wildflowers seeds, the premixed packets are always full of colour 🙂

  5. I’m grinning even more than if I were presented with cheese on toast, topped with Worcestershire sauce 🙂
    That blackbird shot is awesome, cool that he got so tame. I suspect he’s off at some fancy bird retreat, forging tiny silver rings for his feet and sipping the finest gin. (can you tell I am excited already?!)

    It’s the pink geranium that stole the show for me this week – we’ve heaps of red ones in the garden but no pinks, it looks really pretty. Slugs are the devil. We once sunk a jam jar half filled with beer into the ground and that all went in after it an drowned. But copper pipe sounds way easier (and nicer!)

    Hope you are having a good week Gemma – I spied you in a tent on IG, camping fun?

    Thanks for joining in amigo! x

    • You devil! I’ve just eaten a roast dinner and am now contemplating cheese on toast later. My poor stomach.

      The flowers on these geraniums are fairly small, lots of foliage though. I like them but you can beat the bright red ones for impact. I was mean’t to buy some this year but never got around to it.

      Yes — we had a couple of nights camping. Saw a fantastic meteor shower on the Friday night 🙂

  6. i love pink!! and i love pink and orange together. reminds me of oscar de la renta. loving the echinacea! xx

  7. That crocosmia is stunning – I prefer some flowers just before they break bud fully and this is just one of those. And the pink geranium looks just like it has blood running through its veins – beautiful. #HDYGG

  8. Love the photo of the blackbird in the flower pot, he looks so at home in there

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