Praia da Mata sign

Praia Da Mata

Praia Da Mata in Lisbon is hands down the nicest beach I’ve visited. We took the ferry from Lisbon to Cacilhas and after a short drive, arrived at soft sand, dunes and deep blue waves. Lucky us!

Praia da Mata sign

Sand dunes and blue skies

A couple of people had surfing lessons while the rest of us kept ourselves amused. I spent my time beachcombing, taking photos and occasionally hiding under this cloth frame for a bit of shade.

Shelter on beach

Blue ocean and sky

People on the beach

We pretty much had the place to ourselves; deserted beaches are the best kind in my opinion.

Tyre tracks on sand

Walkway on beach

Feet covered in sand

This razor shell was nearly 6 inches long!!

Razor shell in the sand
Razor shell

Empty beach

Team on the beach

Lunchtime arrived and bellies were rumbling so we made our way back to the ferry port. The small restaurant we passed earlier in the day was open and wafting the smell of fresh seafood through the air.

Painted lettering on buildings

Outdoor restaurant

This man is grilling our lunch…

Man grilling fish outdoors
Cooking our lunch

I ordered grilled seabass with salty potatoes. This plate holds lunch for four people by the way, I didn’t eat it all myself! I wasn’t expecting it to come with a head so I had to cover that up with a napkin. I don’t mind the head itself by the eye turns my stomach. Eyeball aside, it was delicious.

Plate of whole grilled fish

If I ever go back I’d like to walk along the coastline as far as I could go. Stopping for fresh fish and sangria on the way of course…

6 comments on “Praia Da Mata

  1. Eyeballs are a sign of freshness! I bet it tasted amazing. How wonderful, to have this beautiful beach all to yourselves. #MondayEscapes

    • Gemma Evans

      I didn’t know that about the eyeballs! I’ll try and be less squeamish about them from now on.

  2. What a beautiful beach and that grilled lunch looks amazing! Thanks for transporting me somewhere warm and sandy! And for linking up with #MondayEscapes

    • Gemma Evans

      Warm weather and sandy beaches are the perfect cure for rainy days like today.

  3. The beaches look so beautiful and I too prefer a deserted beach they are much more enjoyable. And that seabass looks amazing x

    • Gemma Evans

      Until this trip, I’ve only ever had Winter beaches all to myself. Warm sand and sunshine made a nice change 🙂

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