Feverfew flowers

Quick dash around the garden

Thursday crept up on me a bit quick this week. Yesterday afternoon I did a quick dash around the garden with my camera in an attempt to catch the last of the nice light before the sun disappeared behind the buildings.

Sweet pea buds
Sweet peas

In August 2014 I collected sweet pea seeds from shop bought plants grown in the garden. A year later I sowed those seed, saved the pods from the flowers and they have been used to grow these! Flowers on the original plants were shades of lilac and white but these are all different colours. Most likely the original plants were grown from hybrid seeds. I quite like the surprise of which colour they will be though!

Pink sweet pea flowers
Sweet peas

Hydrangea love!! This plant was originally blue but now grows in pink and purple aswell; the petals all have these amazing colour bleeds.

Closeup of hydrangea flower

Bee friendly plant of the year is foxglove. Every time I go outside there are bees in the flowers. I got a good slo-mo video of a bee flying out of one. Not the clearest photo of a bee but I really like it because I was trying to photograph the inside of the flowers and it appeared right in front of my lens.

Bee near foxglove
Foxglove flowers
Fox glove (Digitalis Excelsior)
Closeup of foxglove flower
Fox glove (Digitalis Excelsior)
Feverfew flowers

I’ve been picking feverfew and sweet peas for the house. The sweet peas are growing in pots this time; plants are smaller with fewer flowers (they prefer to be in the ground). Feverfew has been good a padding them out enough to fill a jar.

Pink and purple sweet peas
Feverfew and sweet peas
Tiny buds
Crocosmia buds
Long hoverfly on leaf
Long Hoverfly

One of our wedding presents was this beautiful bird spike. Perfect for a garden with so many flying visitors. Thanks George and Linda! 🙂

Metal bird spike
Wedding gift

Geraniums; another bee pleaser.

Purple geranium flowers
Geranium ‘Magnificum ‘Rosemoor’
Bee on pink geranium
Geranium ‘Pink Delight’
Purple hebe flowers
Hebe Sapphire

Before I went outside I didn’t think I’d get that many photos but photography is good at making you look closely and find things. Love our garden at this time of year, there’s so much going on.

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9 comments on “Quick dash around the garden

  1. Beautiful as always Gemma ?

    • Thank you 🙂 The sweet peas you gave us have buds on now, so it shouldn’t be long until we have flowers, yippeee!

  2. I’ve not seen many sweet peas this year which is a shame as their scent is one of the delights of summer. I love your bird spike. I’ve just remembered I have a cat one in the garden but it is currently buried somewhere in the white hydrangea!

    • Yes I agree. The scent is the main reason I grow them — sweet peas and roses are two of my favourite Summer smells.

  3. You have such a lovely garden 🙂 It’s so interesting to see all these plants you have that don’t grow here! It’s also interesting that your hydrangea is blooming blue, purple, and pink at the same time, because doesn’t that have to do with the pH of the soil? Oh well, it’s beautiful anyhow!


    • Thank you Colleen. Yes, apparently the colour is reflective of the soil PH. Not sure what three colours says about ours haha!

  4. Your foxgloves are still going strong – and how pretty they are in white. Mine are all finished now, so that busy buzz of bees has quietened. It’s lovely bringing flowers indoors isn’t it? Your photos are beautiful, as always x #HDYGG PS I pulled my onions and now have a great array of shallots! I need to find somewhere to dry them now! Thank you for the tip on IG earlier this week!

    • No problem 🙂 Good news on the onions… and good luck finding somewhere to store them. It’s surprising just how many places you can find to dry them. This is the first year I’ve grown foxgloves but I think they’ve earned a place in our garden forever more.

  5. the feverfew and the sweet peas looks lovely together

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