Rosendals Tradgard

Rosendals Trädgård

When we go on holiday we try and find some green space to explore. We visited Stockholm on our way to Gothenburg and made a beeline for the island of Djurgården. It has a national park area and nestled in the middle is Rosendals Trädgård (Rosendals Garden).

“Rosendal’s Garden is an open garden, with the main purpose of presenting biodynamic (organic) garden cultivation to the general public. Our plots and greenhouses yield a wide selection of biodynamically grown vegetables, flowers, herbs and pot-plants, most of it sold in the Plant Shop or the Garden Shop, or used for cooking in the Café.”

Wood Rosendals Tradgard sign
“Rosendals Garden”

The outdoor garden was covered in snow so we headed into the heated greenhouses.

Rosendals Tradgard greenhouse

Inside was a feast for the eyes! So much colour and greenery!

Plants in greenhouse

Plants in greenhouse

Plants in greenhouse

There were plants everywhere we looked; potted and sitting in wooden trays, stacked up on shelves and hanging from the ceiling in glass vases.

White flowers in wooden crate

I loved all these little vases and pots lining the windows of the greenhouse.

Flowers in vases at window

Wooden shelves housed rows and rows of little brown paper seed packets.

Seed packets on wood shelf

If suitcase room had been no object I would have bought quite a few pots and some of these wire baskets.

Rusty wire baskets

Pale green leaves and buds

There were lots of Spring planters dotted around, this was my favourite. I generally fill pots with the same type of bulb but I think a mixture of plants like this looks fantastic. Something to add to the garden to-do list for the Autumn!

Crocus and grape hyacinths

We planned to stop at Rosendals for lunch and when we saw this table full of baked goodies we knew we’d made a good decision. Neither of us have ever seen ‘garden centre food’ like it!

Wood table full of food
Rosendals Trädgård cafe

Each table in the cafe had a terracotta pot filled with grape hyacinth.

Grape hyacinth in the sun

We sat in front of a wood burner in the cafe greenhouse eating roast beef with green beans, homemade sourdough bread, roasted garlic, orange butter and endive. It puts our garden centres to shame – not a jacket potato or crappy egg/catering cheese sandwich in sight!

Roast beef, beans and garlic
Freshly cooked lunch

Our tummies were too full for pudding so we headed to Rosendals shop and bought some foodie goodies instead.

Stack of artisan bread
Rosendals Trädgård shop produce
Preserving bottles on shelf
Rosendals Trädgård shop produce

I loved this place! And it was beautiful even in the Winter.

20 comments on “Rosendals Trädgård

  1. What a treat for our eyes Gemma, that place looks AWESOME!Oh those rows on the windows have given me inspiration for my poor neglected kitchen window sill. I’m alos totally in love with the seed packets, Rosie is going to see those and come over all peculiar!

    And you end on the best looking plate of food – I KNOW YOUR GAME GARNER… how can I trump that with a simple tweet about cheese on toast ?! I am going to have to up my game I can see…

    Now you must excuse me , I am going back up to perv at those photos again…

    (thank you for joining in again lovely x)

    • It was, you’d have loved it there. Kitty and Ozzy would have enjoyed exploring the forest areas on the island. I think the row of windowsill pots would work really well with succulents too if they were small enough. I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit this week and all your cake pins have been killing me!! Especially as my lunches were made from random food we had to use up before going away haha!

    • SEEDS – there are seeds here in packets I have never seen before. I need to visit! And what a riot of colour inside those fabulous greenhouses. I really need to visit. Shall we do a swap, Gemma – you come to Eco-Gites and I’ll go to Rosendals Trädgård?!

  2. Loving the seed packets, so retro and understated. That food looks pretty damn fine too. The Swedes certainly have style. Visiting from #HDYGG

    • They certainly do! That’s what I liked about the packets too…I’m a sucker for brown paper.

    • The first seeds I ever planted were from simple brown packets. I found them in a shed from the days when my grandfather had a gardener and from that day I think my love of gardening was born.

  3. Oh my, so much candy for the eyes! I’d have bought another suitcase just to bring home some of those goodies.
    The pots on the windowsills are gorgoues

  4. Charming (if somewhat chilly) pictures. However, it’s the quality of the food that stands out!

    • Chilly indeed – the greenhouse makes it look much warmer than it actually was. A complete contrast to the snow outside.

  5. oh wow that is a glass house BOOM of explosion colour so wonderful and that dinner shot at the end makes me salivate

  6. I love the pots lining the windows of the greenhouse. So delightful x

  7. Oh wow, that really does look rather wonderful all round, what a feast in every sense 🙂

  8. After feasting on your post I just want to go and be a copy cat with same flower and bulb arrangements! There’s a biodynamic farm near us which I love visiting with the kids as well as buying their amazing breads and veggies .

    • Haha, you should, I’m going to! I might see if we have a biodynamic farm near us…

  9. What beautiful gardens. We keep saying that we would love to visit Scandinavia. These are beautiful pictures and such a delicious looking meal x #HDYGG

    • It’s a really beautiful place and the people are so friendly 🙂

  10. I’ve read about this place on Homegrown Swedes and its on my list for visiting. Youngest son wants to go to Stockholm for his after GCSE treat so I may be allowed a day there! Your photo’s are wonderful.

    • Thanks Karen 🙂 That would make a great treat. The food was definitely one of the highlights so it’s worth stopping for lunch there. Shame we didn’t have room for all those tasty looking cakes.

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