Flowers on windowsill

Scandinavian city gardens

This week I’ve been editing old holiday photos and came across quite a few I haven’t shared from our trips to Norway and Sweden. As luck would have it, there were a some from city gardens and florists as well as some other nice nature based finds.

Roses in garden
Central Bergen garden

Gardens in Bergen Old Town are modest but beautiful; roses growing up wooden houses, brightly coloured flowers in window boxes and heather planters. If I could live anywhere, it would be in an old wooden house here, at the base of the mountains <3

Row of wooden houses
Central Bergen
Pink rose against window
Wooden house

In Norway and Sweden they often fill containers and boxes with one plant (usually heather) rather than creating mixed arrangements like we do in the UK. The exception being large barrel planters — I’ve seen those filled with mixed bulbs and pussy willow but sadly I don’t have a photo.

Heather in tub
Heather planter
Pine growing on house
Bergen doorway

Flowers from a Swedish florist… pastel love.

Pink and yellow petals

Pastel pink petals

Pale yellow flowers

A wooden house in Oslo. The house was so perfect it needed little more than spruce growing in the front garden.

Closeup on pine
Wooden house in Oslo
Catkins in jug
Pussy willow

^ Pussy willow from the apartment we rented in Oslo. It was a fantastic apartment, both of us said we’d happily live there. It didn’t have a garden but Nordmarka is only a short train ride away so that more than makes up for it.

Flowers on windowsill

I’d love to do this with our kitchen windowsill! Or have a long shelf along the wall in our living room or kitchen.

Geranium windowbox
Pink heather in blue pot
Fritillary planter
Fritillary planter
Plant in terracotta pot
Terracotta pots

And that concludes todays trip around Scandinavian gardens 🙂 We normally visit in September or October but I would like to make a couple of trips in the Summer to see how things have changed.

9 comments on “Scandinavian city gardens

  1. I love the coloured doors against the white boarding. I feel there’s a hint of Christmas all year round in Scandinavia.

  2. Ahhh! You had me at ‘Scandinavian City Gardens’, no word of a lie my heart did a little flutter when I read the title of this post.

    Those colours against the painted houses (which on their own are lovely enough don’t you think?) are swoon-worthy and those pastel ridonk-uluses are dreamy.

    I NEED a a holiday after seeing this all, so glad I have a couple of breaks arranged in the next few weeks to sate that desire x

    Thanks for joining in again pickle x

    • Completely agree about the wooden houses. I think you’d like Bergen; wooden houses, coloured houses, nice florists and the wilderness in the mountains surrounding the city. I had the idea for this post but didn’t think I’d have enough photos for it — I obviously took more photos than I thought.

  3. you had me at roses up wooden houses. what a dream. looks like a beautiful region. have never been but would love to one day

  4. Lovely – the simplicity of the plants works well against the painted wooden houses.

  5. Such lovely pictures.
    These make me feel want to have my own garden.

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