Sightseers – a film for knitters

A couple of months ago we caught up with all the films we wanted to see so we started watching more TV shows instead. After The Walking Dead finished we ramped up our X-Files viewing – currently working our way through all 9 series. Californication has finished, Breaking Bad is on a mid season hiatus (booo!) and Fringe is no more. So that’s meant more time for films again. Which brings me to Sightseers.

“Chris wants to show girlfriend Tina his world, but events soon conspire against the couple and their dream caravan holiday takes a very wrong turn.”

Have you seen the Sightseers movie trailer? If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary:

✔ Caravaning

✔ Murder

✔ Deadpan humour

✔ Britishness

✘ Soppy love scenes

✔ Knitting

✔ More knitting

I loved the unstable/eccentric characters, deadpan humour and of course, the knitting. Normally in films, blankets and knitted items are used sparingly as well placed props but in Sightseers they are scattered everywhere. So as well as watching a good film I also experienced a wooly feast for the eyes. Brilliant!

Sightseers knitwear

Blue, white and grey knitted blanket

Knitted squares blanket

The blanket in the first scene (above) reminds me of my first crochet blanket made from blue, brown and cream squares.

Colourful knitted blanket

Knitted patchwork blanket

I love the patchwork effect and colours in this blanket.

Grey cable knit cup holder on table

Cable knit mug cover

Colourful knitted patchwork blanket

Knitted triangle squares

Row of knitted dolls on a shelf

Knitted dolls

I find these dolls a bit creepy. Wouldn’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to find their beady little eyes looking at me, especially after watching a horror film.

Dog sat on sofa with knitted blanket and cushions


It seems that dogs make better knitting companions than cats. If Chief is anywhere near me when I knit or crochet his eyes go as wide as frying pans.

White dog with knitting in the background

Poppy the dog – knitting companion

Lesson learnt here. Bouncy dogs and knitting needles are like water and electricity.

Pink and black knitted crotchless pants

Knitted crotchless pants

And the Pièce de résistance was the set of knitted underwear – bra and crotchless knickers. Who says knitwear can’t be sexy (arf!).

A vision of things to come

We sometimes talk about getting a campervan one day. I think this film gives us insight into what it would be like…knitting everywhere. Hopefully less murder and jarred pasta sauce though.


    • It is! Although if you and Ian really are like Tina and Chris I don’t think we should go on holiday together. I enjoy being alive.

  1. Lol! Well I would describe us as a Ginger faced man and an angry woman! Lol! Plus I do hate it when people litter!

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