Daffodil shoots in soil

Signs of Spring

I was walking up the garden path on Tuesday morning and spotted green buds poking out of the soil by the front door. These little buds are the beginnings of daffodils. And you know what that means! Spring is on its way!

Daffodil buds poking through soil

I had a poke around the rest of the garden and realised that despite being brown and soggy, everything is slowly coming back to life. The Erysium in the front garden is pushing up a stem full of purpley pink buds. This was starting to bloom early April last year but I think it may well happen before then this year if the weather stays so mild.

Flower buds on stem

The Nemesia has lots of new growth under the dried flower stems. This plant was looking knackered at the end of Summer so I wasn’t sure if it was going to survive. But in true Alan Partridge fashion, it has ‘bounced back’.

Green leaves growing though dried stems

Our Winter flowering heather is flowering. There were next to no flowers last year and I think it’s because they were so young – each one less than 5cm tall. After a year in the ground and a feed or two they are in good shape.

Pink heather flowers

We’ve had a few Campanula flowers through the Winter. Lots of plants seem to be waking up early this year which shows how mild its been despite the odd cold snap.

Single purple campanula flower

The Eve Price shrub is covered in tightly closed pink buds. At the weekend, I came across one of these that had been planted in the ground – it was huge! I’m glad ours is in a pot.

Small pink flower buds

In the back garden, the hydrangea is covered in green buds. This is the plant I’m most worried about if it suddenly turns cold because the buds are easily frost damaged. I’ve left the dead heads on for now but if the temperature drops I might cover them over with fleece aswell.

Small green buds on stem

This flower head isn’t from our garden but I like the tinge of blue in the petals. A blue hydrangea is on my list of plants to buy for the back garden this year. I’m pretty sure my grandparents had one in their garden when I was a kid and I think they also had hydrangea bedding in the spare bedroom. Perhaps that’s where I get it from.

Dried hydrangea head

I don’t think it’ll be long before the first crocus appear. These bulbs have been pushing shoots up since the beginning of December.


From a distance, the garden still looks wet and lifeless but up close there’s a lot going on. I can’t wait to start working on the veg patch again. There are a few seeds in the gardening tin but we need to have a think about what we want to be eating from the garden this year. Broad beans are definitely on the list after last years measly pickings. It wasn’t a total failure though, we got four bean pods each containing one bean. A fine meal for a mouse. Better luck this year.

24 comments on “Signs of Spring

  1. Your garden is doing amazing, so much colour already!
    The blue tints to the hydrangea are beautiful, I really must get on for our garden.
    We still have a fair bit of planning to do in our garden, I’ve been completely put off by all this rain, fingers crossed for some gardening days soon

    • Fingers crossed! I need to do some proper planning really. I collected quite a few seeds last year so I need to go through them all and work out when to plant them.

  2. reading all these posts today, i am in awe of all these early signs of spring. but excited for you all! xx

    • Thank you Claudia. Everyone seems like a coiled spring this week, ready to go off as soon as the weather lets us!

  3. Yes, we’ve got a lot of bulbs appearing and if you look closely it is possible to spot signs of new life, that’s if you can get out for long enough in between the biting wind and rain 🙂
    I hope you get that hydrangea-such gorgeous plants all year round.

    • They are – one of the few all year garden gems in my opinion. The biting wind and rain will make those first few days of Spring feel even better!

  4. There is a definite spring is on it’s way theme to #HDYGG this week … but I suspect winter will not have done with us yet! My Dad always reminded me that the hard winter of 1963 didn’t start until mid Feb!

    • I fear you might be right. I’m going to try and not get carried away just yet, we’ve had snow in February a couple of times.

  5. I am so going round to my next door neighbours and digging up the blue hydrangea that I gave her a couple of years ago – I mean it’s not rude to take it back is it? 😉 I am loving all the signs of Spring at the moment, feels like we are on the verge of an explosion of bulb blooms. Ah I feel like bouncing round like Tigger, but of course I have eaten far too much cake this week to bounce at all – talking of which your syrup sponge offa Instagram looks delish!

    Is cake our new cheese on toast?

    Mmmmmm cheese on toast……

    Thanks for joining in again Gemma – and once the madness of January is out of the way we’ll have to sort out our IOW jaunt x

    • Haha, well if you wanted to take it back technically you could argue that no-one really ‘owns’ nature 😉 Cake is definitely the new cheese on toast now you have an oven again – I don’t know how you managed so long without one. IOW sounds like a plan, whooppeeee!

  6. I checked my hydrangeas today and there aren’t any buds on it. I always keep the flower heads on as we plenty of snow and frost up here and they both seem to thrive.

    • Good thinking. I’m sure yours will have buds soon, once it’s woken up there will be no stopping it 🙂

  7. It’s all so exciting! Nature knows how to choose her moments I think. The little bursts of life I have seen have been a great compensation for the lack of snow I have been wishing for. The blueish Hydranga is lovely indeed.

    • I really wanted a bit of snow – that was before I realised everything had started waking up. Now I’m hoping it stays away 🙂

  8. It’s so exciting seeing all the bulbs around on posts this week. And hydrangea skeletons! Lovely post x

  9. It’s good to see signs of life, I must take a wander around our garden to see what it’s up to – and one of the January tasks I love is planning what to grow this year. #hdygg

  10. Its nice to see buds! I also got out last Monday and saw some and it just lifted my spirit! Spring is coming!!!! #hdygg

  11. Your garden is looking fab, I love how we’re all so excited about those first signs of life this week! I’m definitely getting a hydrangea this year… my plant wish list is just ridiculous now 🙂

    Loving that you got an Alan Partridge reference in there!

    • Thanks Catherine! Mine is too, I keep seeing other garden posts and thinking ‘ooh that looks nice, I want one of them’. Need a bigger garden – might add ‘land’ to my Christmas list next year…

  12. I always think it’s amazing at this time of year. Look once and everything seems to have died back, look a second time and underneath it all there are fresh green shoots.

  13. Hello, Gemma!

    Our daffodils are also showing their little heads already! It’s great, thinking that Winter is ending soon. Cheers!

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