Tree covered courtyard restaurant

Snippets from Berlin

I’ve got quite a few photos from Berlin that don’t really fit any sort of theme but I wanted to share them anyway. This post is a bit of a photo dump of anything I snapped walking around the city. Some of these photos just look nice, others have stories.

Tree lined road

Pastel buildings and road

Bridge over river

Red roses
Roses at Weinbergspark, Berlin

This building was my favourite accidental discovery of our whole trip. We were walking back from dinner and Scott pointed out this ‘Stop Wars’ lettering painted on the front of a big building. Naturally we took a detour because we’re both nosey parkers.

Stop Wars painted on building
Haus der Statistik, Berlin

There was an open entrance from the street through to a central courtyard so we went and had a look. It was eerie. Then we noticed someone shifty moving around at the other end of the courtyard which spooked us a bit so we left. It turns out this building is not just any old abandoned building, it was the Haus der Statistik. The House of Statistics of the GDR (East-Germany). You can imagine how pleased we were to stumble on this piece of history!

The top three floors were given to the Stasi. When unified Germany took over the building, the Stasi archives were made available to the German people. Imagine going there and reading intimate details about your life from East German times, written by someone you’d never met. If you are curious about what it looks like inside, check out this post.

Tree covered courtyard restaurant

We were sat in Café Fleury overlooking the street and tables outside. A group of sparrows descended on an empty table table below and picked up every last crumb.

Sparrow on a teacup

Bikes resting against graffiti wall

How cool is this van!?

Retro ice cream van

Cyclist on cobbled road

Man walking in sun

White flakes falling to the ground usually means it’s snowing. In this case it was thousands of fluffy seeds. I wish I’d found a way to capture these better with my camera.

Park covered in snow like seeds

Man walking along pavement

I loved Berlin!

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