Sock knitting

Cream and blue patterned socks

I’ve become a bit addicted to making socks! This is the first pair I made and although I was happy with the way they turned out, I wasn’t massively keen on the 80’s look of this particular patternating yarn (Opal 2145).

When I sat down to knit my first pair, I was a bit confused as to how certain parts should actually look. So I’ve taken a few photos for any sock noobs who don’t know what some of the key parts should look like once knitted up!

Sock cuff on double pointed needles (dpn)
Sock cuff on 3 needles

Sock cuff

Knitting the heel flap on 2 dpns
Heel flap on one needle

Heel flap

Shaping the heel
Curved sock heel on 1 needle

Sock heel

Notes and tips

  • At the beginning I begrudged spending £5.95 for 6 2.5mm KnitPro dpns when the aluminium versions are much cheaper – but they were worth every penny! I’ve since knitted a pair of socks on aluminium needles which was much more difficult as the wool kept slipping off the needles and it was alot ‘squeakier’. So if you can afford it, don’t skimp on your needles for sock making!
  • Opal sock yarn is quite expensive (a £7 ball makes one pair of socks and gift pouch) but it’s lovely to knit with, machine washes well, it’s soft and warm.

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