Single orange on tree

Spanish garden in Winter

Last week Scott and I jetted off to Spain to visit family. I hadn’t realised how much I needed a good dose of sunshine until I felt it on my skin. Spanish residents were wearing jumpers and coats but it was the perfect temperature for me 🙂 And we had blue skies.

Palm tree leaves and blue sky

These photos are from Scott’s Nan’s garden. Despite it being Winter there was still plenty to see and I was perfectly happy mooching around with my camera.

Terracotta pink roof tiles
Spanish rooftop

Palm tree trunk

Although I packed my bikini and the air was warm, it was still a bit too cold for a swim in the pool. Or maybe I just need to be less of a wimp.

Spanish tiles around pool

Giant succulents in Spanish garden

I have no idea what the plant above is but it’s huge — about waist height on me.

Small green succulents

Pink succulents growing in pot

Rusty trowel and garden fork
Old tools

Tucked away next to an pink outbuilding, is an orange tree. From looking at these photos, you would never suspect they are actually incredibly bitter. Apparently they taste awful. Even so, I like the dappled light. We drank glasses and glasses of Spanish oranges during our stay but none of them came from this tree — that’s another garden I need to show you soon.

Single orange on tree
Bitter orange
Orange tree in the sun
Orange tree

Orange tree in the sun

Pastel colour chimney
Spanish chimney

Squash in the sun on the roof next door. I had to get into peeping Tom mode to snap this photo and poke my lens through the fence. They have two big lemon trees — bit jealous.

Squash on a sunny roof
Summer squash

Pink succulent leaves

Tree with tiled edge

Deep green aloe vera leaves
Aloe Vera leaves

Our trip to Spain has got me dreaming of a Victorian style orangery attached to our next house*. Then we can have our own supply of citrus fruit and maybe some aloe vera too.

* along with the wildflower meadow, vegetable patch, wildlife area, orchard, pizza oven, bbq pit and office pod.

9 comments on “Spanish garden in Winter

  1. ¡Hermosa!
    Esa hermosa luz y los colores son perfectos!
    Ok, enough of the Google translate…

    That lovely lovely light – I want to lean in and sniff and orange!
    Amor a mi amigo del tocino!

    • Hah, I was convinced my brain had stopped working for a moment there. I wasn’t expecting your comment to be in Spanish! I just sat there looking at it but not able to make out the words. The light was dreamy!

  2. Lovely photos Gemma, Mum will love them ???

  3. Great photos -and lovely to feel the sun on your skin too. Impressive peeping tom photography too 🙂

  4. just how big is your garden Gemma for all these plans? lol. Love the variety of succulents. What do they do with the fruit of the orange tree if it is so bitter?

    • Haha! In my head the garden is practically limitless, but in reality I’m sure it will be a different story. I wonder if the bitter oranges could be used for marmalade.

  5. I want to relax and enjoy the sunshine in this garden! Funnily enough my husband’s dream is to have a greenhouse filled with citrus fruits otherwise he’s rather oblivious to flowers and gardens – which means maybe some day !

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