Stop Putin sign

Stockholm Standing with Ukraine

Stockholm #standingwithukraine.

Woman wearing Ukranian flag
Outside the Russian Embassy, Stockholm

I stood outside the Russian Embassy in Stockholm this week, to show support for Ukraine. It’s hard to put feelings in to words at a time like this and I feel very powerless, but I can join people around the world in occupying a small amount of space to send a larger message. Most of these photos are from the Russian Embassy but there are also a couple from a demonstration we stopped by elsewhere in Stockholm.

Small group of people

I arrived (a little early) to a handful of people stood behind police tape at the embassy; it didn’t take long for more to trickle in though! They came with flags, placards and painted faces. People bought their babies, children, pets, friends and family. Others came by themselves and stood in the company of the crowd.

Group of people walking
Greta Thunberg at the Russian Embassy, Stockholm
Two women holding signs
“Nato close the sky above Ukraine” and “Cut off Russia from Swift”

Man holding protest sign

Woman holding a protest sign

Dog in a bag
“Stop War. Start Peace”

Stop Russia sign

Russian citizen against war sign

Man resting head on womans shoulder
“Stop Putin, Stop War”
Stop Putin sign
“Stop Putin”
Woman wearing Ukranian flag
Flag cape

Woman hugging child

Hand holding a sanctions to Putin sign
“Apply real sanctions”
People waving Ukranian flags
Ukranian flags at the Russian Embassy, Stockholm
Stop war sign
“Putin out from Ukraine”
Putin Go Home sign
“Putin Go Home”

Men with Ukranian flags on faces

Stop Russia sign
“Stop Russia”

Woman holding Ukranian flag

Blue and yellow ribbon
Swedish ribbon for Ukraine

I got talking to a lovely man who offered me a piece of Swedish ribbon (that’s his jacket above). He told me he cut several pieces and bought them to the protest, to give to other people, as the stripes were also the Ukranian colours. I tied it to my coat zip.

Woman being interviewed

Group of people protesting
Russian Embassy, Stockholm

Remember the earlier photo with just a handful of us? Well, it was quite amazing to move higher up and see how many people had joined. Passing cars honked and waved at the crowd. A group at the front had a megaphone, people sang and music was played (maybe the Ukranian national anthem).

Ukranian flags and signs
“Freedom to Ukraine! Stop the war!”
Woman holding cardboard sign

Russia protest sign

You can find more information about locations of peace marches and demonstrations for Ukraine on

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