Tree silhouettes

The Day The Sun Came Back

As New Year approached, we felt the need to get some proper outdoor time. Something other than a trip to the supermarket or a quick walk squeezed into a lunch break. We ventured out into the snow on Christmas Day but that was definitely more of a waddle after a huge roast dinner.

The alarm went off on New Year’s Eve and I could have happily gone back to sleep. We couldn’t dilly-dally too much though because daylight hours are short and we’d already slept in a bit.

Fog on lake

We headed to Erstaviksbadet. It’s one of our favourite spots but we hadn’t visited since September, so another visit was definitely overdue. It was a bit greyer than last time!

Beach and forest
Erstaviksbadet / Erstavik’s beach

View over water

Branch on beach

Me stood on a rock

Scott snapped an absolutely priceless photo. He photographed some branches but didn’t pay much attention to the people in the background until he loaded the photos onto his laptop. They weren’t doing what it looks like they are…

Green branches

Leaf veins

Painted trail sign

Red rucksack

I finally got around to sewing the Norge patch onto my rucksack (top left). One I picked up for a bargainous 50p at a Summer flea market. I’ve never been to Brudslöjan but it’s a nice design and I love Norway.

Green spruce needles

Man taking a photo

Sun shining through trees
The sun!!

Seeing sun was the highlight of the day. It broke through the clouds just as we reached a clearing in the forest. This was the first time we’d felt sun on our skin or seen proper daylight in 5 weeks. Glorious. It disappeared back behind the cloud a couple of minutes later but we soaked up every last drop.

Sun on my face
Winter sun on my face

Man walking on wooden boards

Most of the hike was soggy but the second half was especially bad — luckily boards helped us cross some of the larger areas of water. Things improved as we hiked higher, eventually up to a clearing where we were greeted by this amazing sunset.

Trees against sunset

Most of these higher areas are giant slabs of rock (I often say it’s like being on the moon) with trees perched in the gaps. After several days of rain, a layer of slime had formed on some of the rock surfaces. I fell over and almost did the splits with my bum in the air. Splits are something I 100% do not recommend doing involuntarily.

Orange and blue sky

Tree silhouettes

With my groin muscles intact, we picked up the pace. Dodging slippery rocks and tree roots in the dark didn’t seem like the best idea.

Orange glow of windows

As you can see, civilisation reappeared just in time. We went home and celebrated New Year’s Eve in PJs with spaghetti meatballs, drinks, Christmas chocolate and films.

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  1. Wow, your pictures are great. Thanks for taking me on your hike!

  2. Ah it’s so good to see you two!
    PS. Love your rucksack – where did you get it from?

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