Sunflower head in sun

Sunshine and shade

I’m glad Autumn has arrived because I’ve been carrying garden guilt for most of the Summer. Guilt stemming from not spending much time taking care of it and watching everything steadily growing out of control! It’s not all bad though; the creepy crawlies have probably enjoyed a few undisturbed months and we finally achieved the established garden look we were going for. I say that but overgrown would be more accurate 🙂

Lavender in the sun
English lavender
Bee on lavender
Bee on lavender

In previous years I’ve spent quite a bit of time gardening at the front and plenty of people would stop for a quick chat — some I knew, some I didn’t. There is a particular lady who caught the same bus as me occasionally but we’ve not seen each other much this Summer. I bumped into her last week and she asked me if we’d moved. She assumed we had because she hadn’t seen me in the front garden and “normally it is trimmed so neatly”. Haha! Oh dear, that’s saying something.

Limp sunflower head
Dwarf sunflower
Sunflower head in sun
Dwarf sunflower

Now Autumn has arrived, the front garden is clinging to the last of the Summer colour. In the back, it’s a different story. Most plants have surrendered and now live in total shade. We won’t see a drop of sun until next June. Sounds like a sad state of affairs but I’m a sucker for a seed pod so I welcome the change. I will miss an abundance of fresh herbs though!

Red geranium leaf
Geranium leaf

Stacked terracotta pots

Dried feverfew flower head
Feverfew heads
Pink Japanese anemone
Japanese anemone
Seeds in web
Seeds caught in a web

Garden trowel in plants

^ The trowel has spent months in this position.

Nigella seed pod
Love-in-a-mist (nigella) pod
Open nigella pod
Love-in-a-mist (nigella) pod
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12 comments on “Sunshine and shade

  1. pretty pictures Gemma. i like the over grown garden aesthetic too 🙂

  2. Your photos are always so stunning! Our garden is looking pretty much the same latey. We’ve filled a few containers in the front now, but the rest of it is looking a little sorry for itself. We’re trying to work on incorporating more autumn and winter flowering plants into the garden so it’s not so bare.
    xo April | April Everyday

    • I always think the same about yours! I’m looking forward to a good frost so I can some nice photos. Cyclamen is a good Autumn/Winter plant, so is Silver Dust — it has icy looking leaves and bright yellow flowers in the Summer.

  3. my garden has just been standing still for the summer, but because it’s too hot to do anything in it, weather is cooling now so i feel a trip to the garden centre coming up soon

  4. Ah I feel the same about mine, the rain and cold of late has given me the excuse of ‘oh well I would do that but it’s too wet’ – even when I know full well I wouldn’t do it even if it were sunny 😉

    I love the ickle seed pods caught in the web *cute* Loving the detail in the feverfew heads especially.

    Hope that all is well your end Baconface – not long till the retreat now! *starts planning car snacks*

    • Haha yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has been using the rain as an excuse. I was hoping the feverfew photo would be sharper, but it was windy and getting dark so all in all it didn’t come out too badly. Getting closer to the retreat, really looking forward to seeing you. The silver clay workshop seems like such a long time ago now. x

  5. Your gardens sound very much like ours, I was just saying today that I need to dedicate sometime to clearing the front garden now that the back has given up until next year. And now I know what the alien looking seed pods in the garden are, LOVE-IN-A-MIST (NIGELLA) POD!

    • I normally save the nigella seeds for the following year, they are very easy to store and dry. The pods look nice in a vase too 🙂

  6. I adore your photos, I think even Monty says you shouldn’t keep your garden too neat…the bugs and pollinators prefer it that way. That’s my theory & I’m sticking to it. With an allotment aswell, I have neglected our home garden this year too. It is mainly populated with perennials that look after themselves, loads of verbena, hydrangeas, day lillies…that kind of thing. #HDYGG

    • Monty knows his stuff, so that’s sorted then. Our garden is officially a bug haven! Would love to have some verbena growing in our garden — need more space!

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