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Swedish adventure – part 1

Our adventure has begun and we’ve quickly settled into Swedish life. We arrived to a grubby Airbnb late at night, after a delayed flight. Needing to give this place a damn good clean wasn’t what we were expecting after putting the keys in the door but it feels better now we’ve done that, unpacked our cases and have a fridge full of food. The deer was a nice surprise though.

We’ve visited Rosendals garden twice — once for ice cream and once for lunch in the orchard. We got engaged nearby so we retraced our steps back to that spot (where we are stood on the rocks). The ant footage was shot there and while they look small, they are in fact giant. I don’t know why the ants are so big here.

The big round thing I’m holding against my face is a rye cracker! They come in packs the size of a dinner plate and two inches deep. We eat them for lunch most days.

My sandals broke and Scott managed to find a Birkenstock shop… a whole shop dedicated to Birkies [insert excited face here]. If you know us in real life, I dare you to ask Scott what I think of Birkenstocks. So many people wear them here, I feel like part of the in crowd 🙂 Anyway, I was so exhausted by the time we got back that I feel asleep on the sofa and had good snore (I don’t usually). It was a good day.

The views over the water are a short walk from our apartment and we’ve eaten dinner there. Lots of people take picnics and sit on the grass on warm evenings.

Out of all the clips, the truck driving along the bridge makes us laugh the most. Scott planned to film part of our journey home over the water. He started filming, then realised he was facing the wrong way. People were watching so he carried on because he didn’t want them to realise he had actually intended to film the water. Hah!

The laundry facilities are in the basement. We’ve nicknamed it “the murder cave” because… well you can see why.

Concrete basement

Every time we venture down there, I think of all the times I’ve shouted “why the hell would you go down there!?” at horror films. And there’s us doing just that.

I’ve been a bit slow with blogging and sharing photos on Instagram this time around — it has been nice to feel disconnected for a while. More photos and videos coming soon though 🙂

Video soundtrack: The Corporation, Sweet Musille

4 comments on “Swedish adventure – part 1

  1. Fantastic, I can see what you meant about the laundry room😱scary , looks like you are having a great time 😘x

    • Gemma Evans

      That’s why we always down there together although I do wonder if I’m actually Scott’s sacrifical lamb!

  2. What a fun video! I like that you both take videos and then piece them together. And yes, the lorry on the bridge is quite funny!

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Linda! It’s a nice way to do it because we often spot different things. Making these little videos is getting a bit addictive 🙂

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