Ceramic pot on shelf

Tidy home, tidy mind

Spring is upon us at last. And you know what that means? Time for a Spring clean and damn good tidy up!! I don’t know if it’s healthy or normal to look forward to it has much as I have been but hey, getting things in order is very therapeutic for the both of us. Our home office was first on the list because lately we’ve been dumping things all over our desks and the shelves were covered in dust and clutter.

Plant on wooden shelf

The pot is an Ivory Kew Long Tom Pot and was sent me to me by The Orchard. You can use it outdoors too but I didn’t fancy drilling a drainage hole in the bottom so I decided to put it in our office instead. Ivory looks great against a deep red wall don’t you think?

Ceramic plant pot on shelf
Ivory long tom pot
Closeup of jasmine flowers
Jasmine flowers

This is a jasmine plant. When the sun makes an appearance it warms the room which helps bring out the scent in the flowers. It was a good choice.

Jasmine flowers in pot

Neither of us are fans of ornaments but we do have a small collection of ‘things’ each, most of which live on the shelves in this room. Mine are mostly old or collected treasures like these seed heads.

Dried poppy head
Poppy seed head
Wooden cotton spool
Wooden cotton spool

Ceramic pot on shelf

Desks and shelves

It feels good to have this room sorted. Scott spends a lot of time in here so making it comfortable is even more important. Hopefully we can keep it tidy for more than a few days 🙂 Now to focus on the rest of the house!

The Orchard sent me a Kew Royal Botanic Gardens Long Tom Pot free of charge in order to take part in a styling challenge. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.

12 comments on “Tidy home, tidy mind

  1. The room looks lovely, the pot and jasmine looks really good against the darker wall. It must be really nice for Scott to have the scent of the flowers while he is working. ?

    • Thanks Tina! I hope so, although I’m sure if you asked him he’d say flowers are for girls 😉

  2. It looks really pretty Gemma!
    I am itching to have a tidy up now it is Spring.

  3. How can you have a Spring clean? Your house is always spotless. If you want a real challenge feel free to pay us a visit! Love the shelves by the way xx

    • Haha! The tardis cupboard was almost full so random piles of stuff had started appearing all over the house. And the dust…so much dust!

  4. Looking lovely! I’ve a jasmine in the garden looking very sad – I might bring it inside! x

    • Thanks! I’ve never owned one before so I’m not sure what I’m doing, I think this one is indoor only.

  5. The shelves look lovely! I’m not fussed on ornaments either but I do have the odd thing sitting around to pretty the place up a bit 🙂

  6. I love the attention to detail and the balance between a modern, stylish room (the laptop, the camera) and the feeling of coziness with the flowers and the old but renovated wooden shelves. Funky fresh!

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