Pink sweetpea flowers

Tina’s garden: August 2013

My post for this weeks ‘How does your garden grow’ is about someone else’s gardens rather than my own. So I’d like to introduce Tina and Graham’s garden – a large courtyard garden with lots of flowers, one gnome and one cat.

Paved cottage style courtyard garden
Cottage style courtyard garden

One half of the garden with a bench, a large raised bed and lots of freestanding pots.

Pink begonias covered in rain drops
Pink begonias
Bright orange and yellow begonia
Orange begonia
Black and white cat on garden bench
Every garden should have a black and white cat!

Chief (above) is more like a dog than a cat and wants to be wherever you are. He followed me around the garden has I photographed the flowers and kept walking directly in front of the camera, rubbing his face on my hands. When it came to me taking a photo of him it was a different story, he wouldn’t look at me. You can see he still has a shaved tail from a fox bite a few months ago.

Purple Fuchsia
Purple Fuchsias

The bees really liked the Fuchsias and spent quite a while inside the inner petals.

Bright orange flowers

I have no idea what these orange flowers are but they look really cheerful.

Pink sweet pea flowers
Sweet pea flowers

I love sweet pea flowers. I’d love to grow some of these in our own garden some day.

Cooking apple tree
Almost ready to drop…

The apple tree is chock-full of apples. I’m surprised the branches haven’t snapped under the weight of all the fruit. When I look at this tree I see homemade apple and blackberry crumble with a sugary topping waiting to happen.

Granddad’s greenhouse

We went into G+G’s greenhouse at the end of the garden to have a look at his vegetables. The tomato plants were full of big juicy tomatoes ready for picking and the whole greenhouse smelt like tomato leaves – one of my favourite smells. I’m not growing any this year so it was nice to have a poke around someone elses.

Picking homegrown tomatoes

We ended up picking a whole bowl full and also spotted a whacking great cucumber hiding between the leaves of the cucumber plant.

Homegrown tomatoes and cucumber

I’m going to cook some down into a tomato sauce and add to risotto with mozzarella. We’re also planning to eat lots of tomato and mozzarella salad with basil this week, yum!

Hydrangea love

Multicoloured hydrangea petals

We were walking around some country lanes last weekend and I spotted this hydrangea bush in someone elses garden. All the flower heads were two toned, some purple and pink and others white and purple or pink and blue like the one above. I found pink spots on my hydrangeas last week so I wonder if ours might end up looking multicoloured like this one. Granddad told me today that you can put old nails in the bottom of the plant pot to turn the flowers blue. I might try this when I repot mine in a few weeks time.

14 comments on “Tina’s garden: August 2013

  1. Beautiful hydrangea!

  2. what a beautiful garden!! i love how everything had water drops on it. lovely pictures too.
    ps- you had me at gnome

    • I loved the water drops too, I’d only gone outside to get the cat in. Luckily I did or I wouldn’t have got these photos 🙂

  3. What an amazing garden. The edges of that hydrangea plant are beautiful, they look like they’ve been individually shaped with scissors. I wonder what variety they are? Lovely!

    • Well spotted. I was in awe of the colours and hadn’t actually noticed the scalloped edges, oops.

  4. Beautiful! Firstly let me say ‘rotten fox!’, Ive not a cat for a few years now but I used to love watching mine chilling out in the garden. There are just so many beautiful photos in this post I don’t know where to start – the hydrangea is stunning, the fruit and veg, the begonias – I could get lost in that garden and be very happy indeed!

    Thanks ever so much for sharing with us x

    • Rotten fox indeed! I ended up getting lost in it too – went to get the cat in but was taking photos for half an hour because I kept finding interesting things 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

  5. What a beautiful garden and an amazing crop of tomatoes, they look so juicy. I love the smell of homegrown tomatoes. Chief is like the male version of our cat, their colouring and markings are identical, my youngest girl is on my knee as I read this and even she said there’s Figaro!

    • We’ve eaten alot of tomatoes this week! Black and white cats are the best, and oddly they seem to have the most personality (but then I am a tad bias). Chief is very much a lap cat too…

  6. What a colorful garden! Your photos of the begonias are gorgeous.

  7. My favourite shot is the fuschias, they really do look like miniature pieces of couture. And that beautiful cat is the spitting image of our little Rosie, the markings are identical, I had to do a double take.

  8. Was browsing Cat pictures for my cat sitting ad. Stumbled across your blog, he looks exactly like my old Cat!!!!! Brang a tear to my eye 🙂

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